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A bit of CAROLINA History

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group ..... Another interesting article from Sally for you. Read on: Carolina King Charles II, who took a great interest in the colonies in the early
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      Hello Group .....
      Another interesting article from Sally for you. Read on:

      King Charles II, who took a great interest in the colonies in the early
      years of his reign, granted to a group of eight noblemen, in 1663, the huge
      tract of land between Virginia and the Spanish settlement of Florida,
      extending westward to the "South Sea" (Pacific Ocean). The charter gave the
      proprietors powers as ample as Lord Baltimore's in Maryland. But, the board
      of proprietors was not equal to Lord Baltimore in tact, energy, and devotion
      to the interests of the colony. The initial mistake was the attempt to
      enforce a ridiculously elaborate constitution, the "Grand Model," composed
      for the occasion by the celebrated English philosopher John Locke, and
      utterly unfit for a sparse and struggling settlement.

      A community grew up on the Chowan River in 1670, founded by some malcontents
      from Virginia, and another on the shore of the Ashley River, 300 miles to
      the south. The latter settlement was transferred ten years later in 1680 to
      the site of the modern city of Charleston, South Carolina.

      These two widely separated settlements developed gradually into North and
      South Carolina respectively. The names were used as early as 1691, but the
      colony was not officially divided and provided with separate governors until
      1711. The history of the Carolinas is a story of inefficient government, of
      wrangling and discord between people and governors, governors and
      proprietors, and the proprietors and king. North Carolina was described as
      a sanctuary of runaways," where "everyone did what was right in his own eyes
      paying tribute neither to God nor to Caesar." The Spaniards incited the
      Indians to attack the colony from the south, and pirates swarmed in the
      harbors and creeks of the coast. Finally, the assembly of South Carolina,
      burdened by an enormous debt from the Spanish-Indian wars, offered the lands
      of the province for sale to settlers on its own terms. The proprietors
      vetoed this action, which invaded their chartered rights. Then the assembly
      renounced obedience to the proprietors' magistrates, and petitioned King
      George I to be taken under his protection as a royal province in 1719. It
      was the only case in our colonial history of a proprietary government
      overthrown by its own assembly. Ten years later the proprietors sold their
      rights and interests in both Carolinas to the crown for the paltry sum of
      �50,000. So, two more colonies were added to the growing list of royal
      Thanks, Sally, for your research.
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