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  • Martha Marble
    Thanks, Linda. Will forward. Martha
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      Thanks, Linda. Will forward.


      At 06:07 AM 9/14/99 -0400, you wrote:
      >Linda Harris
      >Researching in NC (northeastern) and PA York and dauphin co)
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      >From: Linda Harris <lfh@...>
      >To: genpcfr@egroups.com <genpcfr@egroups.com>
      >Date: Sunday, September 12, 1999 2:53 PM
      >Subject: Re: [genpcfr] [NCLENOIR] STOCKS, HADDOCK
      >>i have some info on the haddocks and stocks, or at least one line. one of
      >>my garrises married into the stocks family in the early 1800's and had 17
      >>children and many many dec. would love to share what i have.
      >>Linda Harris
      >>Researching in NC (northeastern) and PA York and dauphin co)
      >>-----Original Message-----
      >>From: Martha Marble <mmarble@...>
      >>To: genpcfr@egroups.com <genpcfr@egroups.com>
      >>Date: Friday, September 10, 1999 8:39 AM
      >>Subject: [genpcfr] [NCLENOIR] STOCKS, HADDOCK
      >>>Told Sylvia I would run this to the PCFR list. She wants to know which
      >>>river is being talked about and it is probably the Neuse in Lenoir.
      >>>However, it could also be the Tar. I know from this list the Stocks and
      >>>Haddock names are Pitt Co names and the name Cannon Stocks sort of rang a
      >>>bell. Does anyone have anything on these families that might help Sylvia?
      >>>>Need more help.
      >>>>My mother was Eliza Bernice STOCKS/d/o/John Allen STOCKS and
      >>>>Easter/Ester SLAUGHTER/d/o/George SLAUGHTER and
      >>>>Easter/Ester FARMER.
      >>>>When I was quite young, I heard some talk that she
      >>>>was disowned for marrying John Allen STOCKS.
      >>>>Now, John Allen STOCKS s/o/ Elizabeth HADDOCK, who married
      >>>>Cannon STOCKS when he was an old man.
      >>>>Elizabeth HADDOCK had been married before, she also
      >>>>had a son named Jesse HOPKINS. Whether she had been married to him
      >>>>to a Jesse HOPKINS, I have no document. I read of one
      >>>> Jesse HOPKINS in Greene Co. was married, if I
      >>>>remember correctly to a CARR.
      >>>>Elizabeth also had daughters, Emma, Henrietta, don't know what name they
      >>>>went by.
      >>>>My mother always would say, when I would hear of a STOCKS,
      >>>>that they were no relation to us, that they were a
      >>>>different set. She said they were the STOCK family across the river.
      >>>>What river could she have been talking about?
      >>>>She was raised in LaGrange, Institute township.
      >>>>John Allen STOCKS was a blacksmith in La Grange,N.C.
      >>>>Does anyone know any thing about this family.
      >>>> Thanks for any help,Sylvia
      >>>Sorry about that, My mother was Eliza Bernice,d/o
      >>>John Allen STOCKS
      >>>and Eliza SLAUGHTER d/o George SLAUGHTER and
      >>>Easter/Ester FARMER. Eliza was the one disowned for
      >>>marrying John Allen STOCKS.
      >>> Sylvia
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