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Re: [genpcncfir] old fashioned pull candy recipe wanted

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  • Doris Peirce
    I m just checking in to mention that my grandmother used to tell me that they would have candy-pulling parties when she was a girl....it was strictly a social
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 7, 2011
      I'm just checking in to mention that my grandmother used to tell me that
      they would have candy-pulling parties when she was a girl....it was strictly
      a social event, a way for the boys and girls to get together....
      This would have been around 1890-1900 ....

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      Dear Trish,

      I assumed it was a graduation class even though I also noticed the range in
      the ages of the students. You are right. It might well have been a photo of
      students from a particular club. We also had those types of pictures in our
      yearbooks of course. The reason I thought it to be a graduation picture was
      the way the students were lined up in front of the school. That's the way we
      lined up by class every year I was at Winterville for our class pictures.

      Do you know if there is any way we can find out after all these years the
      year Mama graduated from Winterville High School? Like Mama, I also
      graduated from a school that no longer exists. Mine was the last graduating
      class from my high school. The very next year it joined with another high
      school to become one school. Part of the name of each school was used to
      form the name of the new school: Patrick Henry. My brother Alvis attended
      the new school his last year of high school.

      Strangely enough, my classmates are still very close. We are having dinner
      together in Ashland later this month. It will be like old times for all of
      us, and I am looking forward to catching up on everyone's news.

      Thanks for explaining that the picture was not necessarily that of a

      Love, Carol

      From: Trish Worthington Cobb <turniproots@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 10:40 PM
      Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] old fashioned pull candy recipe wanted

      I don't think the photo with your mother in it is necessarily a graduation
      The students in the photo are of so many different ages. It may have been a
      photo of a group of students from various grades who were being honored. It
      could have been a class photo for a particular subject or for an
      extracurricular activity. We don't know the year it was made, but we
      estimated about 1927.

      On Oct 4, 2011, at 7:57 PM, Carol Singh wrote:

      > Dear Trish,
      > Yes! It got rave reviews from our entire family from Georgia to
      > California. Mama was all her life a modest and sweet person. I never knew
      > that Mama did not graduate with Uncle Mark from Winterville High School
      > until you sent me the photo of Uncle Mark's graduating class. Mama never
      > said anything to lead us to believe that not only did she not graduate
      > with Uncle Mark, but in fact, she graduated before he did, and she was
      > nearly two and a half years younger than he. All her life, she praised
      > Uncle Mark. He was her hero, her adored older brother, and he always stood
      > up for her. Their devotion to each other was awesome. How wonderful it
      > would be if every home was like the one they provided for us. Even after
      > all these years, I can scarcely believe how blessed we were to have them.
      > My niece Sherri, Elise's younger daughter, sent photos to everyone whose
      > e-mail address she had. It was especially precious to my two young nephews
      > who had grown up hearing so much about Mama who died before their births.
      > It's still hard for me to believe that they did not get to see her, much
      > less to know her.
      > I still have to knock out my book on education. I have drafted the outline
      > for the first chapter. According to the guidelines, it must be on the
      > formative period of my life. Everyone submitting a book on the subject
      > must cover the same topics. Other than that, we have free will.
      > Mama and Uncle Mark, Aunt Doris and Uncle Poe, and Papa Charlie were my
      > earliest influences of course. Then came Winterville School and the
      > teachers there and Daddy's oldest sister, our Aunt Catherine Braxton
      > Warren. She was a stunning beauty with shoulder-length red hair that
      > glowed like a new penny. She had a delightful sense of humor, was
      > interested in everything, and stressed at least once a day the importance
      > of our making something of ourselves in life.
      > Well, I guess I'd better not write that book here, or I will never get it
      > published.
      > More later, when I am farther along instead of just thinking about how I
      > will begin.
      > Give my love to all the family. I really enjoyed reading what Norma wrote.
      > Thanks so much for sharing her story. As for that taffy, I simply have to
      > make some for all of us.
      > Love, Carol

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