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  • Martha-Gay Morton
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      William was the son of George Gardner as put forth in George Gardner's will. Did you go the other way and find the parents of George Gardner.

      Should be very interesting.

      Faye Hays

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      Hi all Gardner researchers,

      I have just finished a very in-depth look at these Gardners for a library

      patron, and plan on writing up something on this as soon as I am finished

      with another project I am currently working on. DNA tests have so far

      backed up my conclusions.

      Lucretia Gardner was the daughter of William Gardner Sr. and Nancy (maiden

      name as yet unknown, but I have my suspicions) and sibling of William

      Gardner Jr.

      I can't outline it all here, but I'll give you the leads - William Gardner

      Sr. died intestate in 1837 and has an estate file in Raleigh with 30-some

      pages in it, a few of which list some (not all) of his heirs. A Gardner

      Bible record, which was published in Trees of Wilson in 2008, fills in

      the other heirs not mentioned in the estate papers. As I mentioned, so far

      the DNA has agreed with the Bible.

      Traci Thompson

      Local History/Genealogy Librarian

      Braswell Memorial Library

      Rocky Mount, NC

      Posted by: "lasunshinebr@..." lasunshinebr@... lasunshinebr

      Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:17 pm (PDT)

      Does anybody know anything about Lucretia Lou Gardiner who married Redmond

      Batts son of Bailey Batts and brother of Cynthia Eliza Batts, wondering if

      she might be sibling of William Gardner.

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