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  • Jewelle Baker
    URL: http://www.gravediggersgenealogy.com TITLE: Gravediggers Genealogy DESCRIPTION: Genealogy topics including tips, creative ideas and free forms
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      URL: http://www.gravediggersgenealogy.com
      TITLE: Gravediggers Genealogy
      DESCRIPTION: Genealogy topics including tips, creative ideas and
      free forms to make your family research easier.

      URL: http://www.genealogybranches.com/africanamerican.html
      TITLE: African American Genealogy Records and Indexes on the Internet
      DESCRIPTION: A directory of websites to help find some census
      records, slave manifests, marriage records and more.

      URL: http://www.datapeoplegraphics.com/photo-restoration-services.html
      TITLE: Experience New Digital Photo Restoration
      DESCRIPTION: DataPeople Graphics specializes in digital photo
      restorations, repairing of old photos with quality photo retouching if
      needed. Destructed photos can be reconstructed quickly so that old
      photos could bring life like new experience.

      URL: http://www.vikingroots.com/
      TITLE: Viking Roots
      DESCRIPTION: Genealogy news and articles from Norway, in English.

      URL: http://agraveinterest.blogspot.com/
      TITLE: A Grave Interest
      DESCRIPTION: A blog about cemeteries, genealogy and history.
      Contains photos, information and interviews about researching in
      cemeteries. Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.

      URL: http://family-reunion-t-shirts.fimark.net
      TITLE: Family Reunion T-shirts Edit/Email Order Page
      DESCRIPTION: Edit pre-designed, family reunion t-shirts and send the
      order link to all family members.

      URL: http://www.afamilytreeguide-chicago.info
      TITLE: A Beginner's Guide To Building Your Family Tree
      DESCRIPTION: A supplement to a 7 part lecture series, the site
      provides guidance, tips and links for genealogical research. Lists
      resources by country. Excellent coverage of both Chicagoland resources
      and for searching Jewish roots. Closed discussion forums.


      URL: http://freegensites.blogspot.com/
      TITLE: Free Genealogy by Jerry E Reed
      DESCRIPTION: Blog offering personally reviewed links to free on-line
      genealogy databases or relevant information for the family historian.

      URL: http://www.myancestorslife.com/
      TITLE: My Ancestors Life Video Podcast
      DESCRIPTION: Watch living history videos that depict forgotten life
      activities to help us understand our heritage and how much things have

      URL: http://dlg.galileo.usg.edu/athnewspapers
      TITLE: Athens Historic Newspapers Archive
      DESCRIPTION: A project of the Digital Library of Georgia. The Athens
      Historic Newspapers Archive spans the years 1827-1922 and includes four
      newspaper titles. The site is free and word searchable.

      TITLE: Dictionary of Old Occupations: A-Z Index
      DESCRIPTION: Free online dictionary explaining well over a thousand
      old occupations, trades and professions.

      URL: http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/family-tree-template.html
      TITLE: Family Tree Template for Excel
      DESCRIPTION: Create and print a multi-generational family tree or
      horizontal pedigree chart using a spreadsheet. Multiple designs and
      formats available, including portrait and landscape orientations.

      URL: http://www.bloodandfrogs.com/p/forms.html
      TITLE: The B&F Forms System
      DESCRIPTION: A series of free genealogy forms that complement each
      other and work together. The B&F Forms System includes an Ancestor Form
      (Pedigree Chart), Family Form, Sibling Form, Ancestor Location Form and
      a Form Index Sheet. Other forms will be added later. All forms can be
      filled out on your computer, or printed (Letter or A4 size) and then
      filled out.

      URL: http://www.free-old-time-cooking-recipes.com
      TITLE: Old Time Cooking Recipes
      DESCRIPTION: Collection of over 700 traditional homemade cooking
      recipes from our grandmothers kitchens.

      URL: http://www.graysonheritage.org/
      TITLE: Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation
      DESCRIPTION: Established to promote, preserve and educate the
      cultural and family heritages of Grayson County, Virginia.

      URL: http://africanroots-pbj.blogspot.com/
      TITLE: African Roots
      DESCRIPTION: I built this site as a repository for my research on
      ancestors with the following surnames: BAYONNE, RANDALL, MORGAN, TAYLOR
      and HICKS of Louisiana and Virginia; ESTES and JONES of Mississippi;
      BUTLER of Maryland and Louisiana. Family members are invited to share
      their research, stories, traditions and images.

      URL: http://www.simplerestoration.com
      TITLE: Simple Restoration
      DESCRIPTION: SimpleRestoration.com is a proffesional photo
      restoration & colorization service. Thanks to our services every photo
      can be saved from oblivion.

      URL: http://familybelle.com/GenealogyCollaboration.aspx?cms=3384
      TITLE: Family Genealogy Colaboration
      DESCRIPTION: Free Family Website. You and your relatives
      collaborate on your family tree, online! Create logons for as many
      family members, parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and
      friends as you like. They can add relatives to the tree, author
      biographies, add and update genealogy details, and upload attachments
      and photos to the Genealogy and Wedding Photo Galleries.

      Researching: (Main Capitalized)
      BAKER, Barrow, BEAMAN, BLOUNT, Bonner, Bours, Braxton, CANNON, Carraway,
      COX, Chester, Dail, ELLIS, Faircloth, Gardner, HANCOCK, HARDEE, Hardison,
      Harris, Harper, Harrington, Heath, Hollyman (all sp), JACKSON, Johnson,
      Jones, Letchworth, Manning, McGLOHON (all sp), McGOWAN, McKeel, Mills,
      Mitchell, Mumford, PHILLIPS, Price, Shaw, Smith, Sumrell, Stocks, Stokes,
      Tyson, Vandiford, Walls, Walston, Weeks, Wilkerson, WINGATE, Wetherington,
      Worthington, plus ++++

      GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research
      (Serving all Eastern/Coastal NC Counties)

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