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  • cheryl rhoden
    Dear Paula and all,    The research below relates to the various emails Paula sent yesterday and our efforts to track down our pesky John Moore. It is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2010
      Dear Paula and all,    The research below relates to the various emails Paula sent yesterday and our efforts to track down "our pesky John Moore." It is another summary (I posted a different one a good bit back). It is a summary of our combined research and compiled by my cousin Denise. I've added a couple of notes in CAPS to update a bit. This is fairly lengthy but any thoughts or new directions to search are always appreciated.

      best to all, and isn't this research great and grand fun? Cheryl Rhoden o7o

      From Denise:
      If you recall I was able to trace the other John Moore's and eliminate. I remain convinced that our John Moore is of the Jacob Moore family. It is my thought that he is either son of first wife who remains unknown or is brother to Jacob. 

      Now that we have chain bearer vs. landholder worked out! Oh boy!  Here is a few tidbits I have found mostly from separating the land deeds per person within the family and removing ones known to belong to another. 

      1. 1752 The Thomas Moore (suspected son of Jacob) names Sarah as a wife and Edmund Moore and Elizabeth Moore as Children.  Edmond was one of the chain bearers.

      2.  Jacob Moore was said to be born 1681 and died apx. 1761.  Therefore the deeds past 1761 would be considered as Jacob Jr. Deeds.  Alice Jones 2nd wife of Jacob was also reported to be born 1681.  Jacobs known children were Moses, Jacob Jr. James, Edward, and Henry.  Elizabeth was also found separate source from above.  Source used List of Wills and & Administrators from 1761-1768 and 1779 - 1781 Secretary of State Papers.  **** We need to find that will.  Also referenced a NC Archive File SS884!  Need to look into that.

      3. William Edward Moore is said to be the father of Jacob Moore. (NOTE: HUXFORD THINKS THAT OUR JOHN MOORE MAY BE A DESCENDANT OF WILLIAM.)  No proof just other sitings on other webs.  William Edward Moore through separate sources is said to be the father of John W Moore, James Wright Moore, and Jacob Moore.  Is John W Moore our John not the son of Jacob but the brother?

      4. Jacob relocated to Beaufort County because he received a land grant from King George II of England in 1739.  Referenced several different sights.  Research indicates the land grants given during that period of time were 100 acres for self and 50 acres per dependant.  Jacob received 250 reflecting self and two dependants.  More research is needed. 

      5. John Henry Moore is supposed to have been born some time around 1833. (NOTE: THIS JOHN HENRY MOORE IS LINKED TO OUR MOORE LINE IN THE MOORE DNA PROJECT. WE HAVE YET TO ASCERTAIN HIS PARENTAGE AND ARE IN CONTACT WITH HIS DESCENDANT. GROUP 36, MOORE DNA PROJECT)  Only plausible marriages to be considered based on NC marriage records for the time period is a James S Moore marrying a Mary Welton in North Hampton? on 12 Aug 1830.  And a James Moore marrying a Letha Mercer on Jan 2, 1835 in Edgecombe  Also a James Moore marrying Nancy Cutler in Beaufort unknown time period but  early books.  And a James Moore marrying Letha Mercer 1835 Edgecomb!  James Moore marrying a Nicey Ransome 1818 Craven and a Syntha Johnton in 1827 Mecklenberg.  And a Patsy Portice in 1831 Surrey.

      6. Early Books Beaufort: Edmund Moore and Elizabeth J GAskill
      Martin Moore and Louisa Williams (found living next to James S Moores mother Lydia) Henry Moore and Serena Brimage.

      7. Hannah Moore found living alone just a few years prior to probate of Caleb's heirs in 1830 Pitt Capt Saml Smiths Distract.  Must research her neighbors to tie her to family! (NOTE:  SOME OF THE REFERENCES THAT PAULA POSTED YESTERDAY SHOW A LINK TO OUR MOORES TO THE JOHN MOORE AND HANNAH HOLLINGSWORTH THAT WERE QUAKERS AND MARRIED IN PA. WE HAVE YET TO DOCUMENT THAT LINK.)

      Jacob / Land deeds and known records:

      1738: Jacob arrived in 1738 receiving 250 acres with his King George II Land Grant.Tar River.


      1740 Moses gets 250 Patent Land N. Side of Grindal Creek joining Jones brand and swamp and lowland.  In 1741 he getst a second patent. 

      1745 John Moore and Unknown receive a landpatent of 300 Acres in Beaufort N. Side of Tar River (Is John the oldest son?  His land Patent joins Jacob.  Would he just be coming of age.  Proven our John Moore or Negro John Moore?) (NOTE: THERE WAS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN JOHN MOORE IN THIS AREA IN THAT ERA. WE HAVE NOT FOUND A LINK TO HIM.)

      1761 Thomas Moore Receives his land Grant S Side of Grendel Creek Joining William Norcott and swamp and low rounds near S Creek.  SCC Edward Moore and John Robertson.  (Definitely tied to Edward).

      1779 Henry receives land grant for 200 acres on s side of Tar River w side of chicod creek joins Mill Pond tying him to Jacob and John Moore..


      1759 Jacob received a second land Patent for 640 acres in Beaufort N Side of Grindal Creek and Tar River.  Tar River ties to Jacobs first property and Johns Property and Grindal Creek ties to Moses and Thomas.  They are now within the same vicinity as seen in later census.

      1755 Jacob pays taxes on James and Edward.  Meaning other sons as above grown any further sons not yet 16.

      1761 Jacob gives land to Henry / Henry has yet to receive his own land as Moses, John and Thomas has above.

      1762 Jacob pays tax on Jacob Jr. and Henry.  So James and Edward are now on their own.  Jacob gave Henry Land but he has not yet started to build.  He would then be older then Jacob Jr.

      1763 Jacob Moore and John Dixon provide Security for Richard Neal Estate by RD Flannagen.  Need to research John Dixon, Richard Neal and RD Flannagin?

      1764  Moses Moore sells his land to George Cannon and it is land he received from Jacob Moore no previous deed found!

      1764 Only Jacob Jr Remains in the house with Jacob SR.

      1769 Jacob involved with land grand to Peter Albitran (NOTE:  ALSO SPELLED ALBRITTON AND LINKS TO THE FAMILY FOUND IN OTHER DOCUMENTS.)

      1790 Only one Jacob.  Jacob Sr has passed somewhere between 1764 and 1790.  Jacob Jr now has one child under 16 at home. 

      Jacob!  The above confirms relationship to James, Edward, Jacob, John, Henry and Moses.


      As stated above Moses gets 250 Patent Land N. Side of Grindal Creek joining Jones Branch and Swamp and lowlands.  In 1741 he gets a second Patent.

      1781 first transaction after 1740.  Henry Albitrain sells Moses 20 Acres.  Jacob has bought land from Albitran as Will.  Several days later he buys 21 more acres. (NOTE: ALSO SPELLED ALBRITTON.)

      1782 Moses and Nathaniel both receive land grant.  100 Acres.  Caleb is chain bearer for both along with Nathan for Moses and Moses for Nathan proving relationship to both.  On Mose's  land deed John Page is referenced.  Nathan references Edward Moore.  Need to research John Page and he is seen with other deeds.

      1789 Moses gives Levi Nobles a Negro girl named Lucy (NOTE: THERE SEEMS TO BE A LINK BETWEEN THE NOBLES FAMILY AND OUR MOORE LINE.)

      1790 there are two Moses living in Pitt.  (NOTE TO BILL KITTRELL:  WE'VE BEEN SORTING OUT OUR MOSES FOR AWHILE, ANY THOUGHTS?)

      Edward Moore

      1761 Edward Moore is SCC to Thomas Moore property of 205 Acres s. Side of Grindall which matches Moses Moore Property.

      1762: In 1762 and 1763 there is only 1  Edward Moore

      1763 William and Edward Moore witness a deed from John Highsmith to John Moore of 75 Acres.  No description.    This would be our John Moore.  Who is John Highsmith and where is the property.

      1764 Edward buys 150 acres from George Cannon.  Is this Cason?

      1764 Edward is only Edward living in Pitt leaving no doubt deeds he is tied to belong to our people.

      1783 Edward Moore is recipient of land grand and Edmond and Reading are chain bears.  Edmond and Reading are both descendants of Jacob.

      1783 Edward receives 2 Grants.  100 A and 200 A.

      1795 Nathan Nobles (identified as living with Jacob Moore once) sells Edward 20 acres witnessed by Reading Moore (descendant of Jacob) and Simon Nobles.  (Who is Simon?) 

      To be continued on Henry, Elizabeth, James and John

      A very few known things about John Now..... Still trying to separate between Johns.  Oh boy!

      John receives his initial land grant as stated above.  Believe his is ours..... Same area as Jacob! John son to Samuel not of age.

      * 25 Apr 1745 | Patent Bk.5 pg.257 => John Moor (?) | 300 acres in Beaufort County on the N. side of Tarr  river, joining William Mace, the Great Marsh, the Low grounds, and the Race paths | HC-2990 

      1755 There are three John Moores.  One Negro, One son of Samuel and ours.
      * 26 Jun 1762 | Granville Bk.6 pg.85 =>John Highsmith | 170 acres in Pitt County in the Parish of St Michael on the N side of Briery branch, joining Francis Pugh, the edge of a Pocoson, and the side of the sd branch | SCC: Nathan Womwell, John Moore | Wits: Alex Stewart, John Moore (who signed with a mark) | PT-4326 This is also ours and as stated above can write! / Property Information
      * 19 Mar 1787 | William Vines => James Moore | 60 A; £85. Wit.: John Moore, William Moore | Pitt Bk.M-127
      * 14 Apr 1787 | James Moore => William Moore | 90 A; £15. Wit.: John Moore, Joseph Page, Joseph Coats | Pitt Bk.M-130
      We know we have a James and a John.  Do we have a William too?
        * 16 Mar 1810 | Britain Jones => Ann Jones, wife | 100 A; love and aff. Adj.: John Moore, John Jordan. Wit.: John Hodges | Pitt Bk.S-86
      Do we have a relationship to Britain Jones.  Marilyn found a realationship to Britton Moore (NOTE: MARILYN IS A DESCENDANT OF THE JOHN HENRY MOORE REFERENCED ABOVE THAT IS TIED TO US IN THE MOORE DNA PROJECT.).  We need to look into this name.

      That's it for now.  Little tidbits.  When we finally can put them all together maybe it will help.  Have a great nite! d.

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