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Fw: John Moore

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  • cheryl rhoden
    Dear All, The below relates to Paula s post of yesterday entitled Grindle Creek/Moore. The John Moore referenced below is a possible. Does anyone know the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2010
      Dear All,

      The below relates to Paula's post of yesterday entitled "Grindle Creek/Moore."

      The John Moore referenced below is a possible. Does anyone know the proximity of Swift Creek to the Tar River/Grindle Creek area? The latter is where we believe "our John Moore" had property. We also know that 'our John Moore's son' Caleb Moore was a Baptist in Ga. So, that may be another clue.

      And, thanks Paula for helping with our hunt. Best, Cheryl Rhoden

      From this site:

      This is the only information referencing a John Moore during our time frame. I will have to go back to my notes but there was a John Moore the preacher who is suspect.  I remember finding information that made him doubtful but never actually eliminated.  I will try to see what it was.

      "From the best information that can be obtained, she was constituted on Swift Creek, by Elders C. Daniel and John Moore, in the year 1757. Whether constituted on the free-will or regular Baptist order, we are not able to say. Elder John Moore was her pastor for many years, while she was on the regular plan. In the year 1780 he took a dismission, and removed out of the neighborhood. After this, Emanuel Skinner, a worthy member, being raised up and ordained in the church, officiated as pastor, but was never called by the church to that office. In September, 1797, he took a dismission and removed to Cumberland, in Tennessee. In August, 1795, Elder Nathan Gilbert, an ordained minister, joined this church on a letter of dismission from the church at Scuppernong, and on Elder Skinner’s departure he supplied his place. In the year 1798 the church unanimously requested Elder Gilbert to take the pastoral care, but he did not accept of it until the year 1802. He
      continued the pastoral care until his death, which took place on the first of August, 1808. In 1802 eighty members were added to the church by baptism, and in 1808 seventy-four more were added. Eighty members were dismissed the same year to form a church on Town Creek"

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