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  • Paula Baker
    Ty, Where and when (date or year) did your William Moore die? If this is your William Moore, he may have been a grandson of Dora Moore, whose husband is
    Message 1 of 82 , Apr 19, 2010

      Where and when (date or year) did your William Moore die? If this is your William Moore, he may have been a grandson of Dora Moore, whose husband is listed as Henry Moore in the 1910 census. Dora is now listed as having 5 children and three are living. Emma J. and Clara E. are listed as children of Dora and Henry. Clara is listed as having birthed four children and four children are living. There are 4 Cox children listed as grandchildren of Dora and Henry, one is a Willie Cox, age 5. Now I’m wondering if this is John W. from the 1900 census and they got the age wrong. So now I’m wondering if these four people are Clara E. Moore’s children. Still looking around for you. (I have these mysteries in my family too.)

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      Dear Ty,
      About names--you never know. In my own family, our older brother changed his name--both first and last--after marrying his second wife.
      He has two children by his first wife, and they bear his birth surname--Braxton. These children were born in Virginia when my brother was in his 20's.
      Nobody on earth would connect these children with William Rhoades of near Seattle, Washington or his son with the Rhoades surname and his descendants, with the Braxton kin of Virginia and of Pitt County, North Carolina.
      To make things even more puzzling, there is a man named William Rhoades living in Richmond, Virginia. He is no kin to us.
      Come to think of it, there is probably more than one William Rhoades living in Richmond, Virginia. If so, they are not kin to us either--at least not to the best of my knowledge.
      Another family member by birth decided not to take the surname of either of her husbands. Instead, her children have her maiden name. It would be very easy for researchers to assume that she never married. However, that is not the case.
      Likewise, it would be difficult to discover the fathers of her children.

      So, I caution you that when it comes to people and why they did what they did, the truth is not always easy to come by. That is why family history is so incredibly fascinating.
      I do hope that someone else who knows more about the family you mentioned than I do can give you the information you seek.
      Like you, I have had difficulty tracing kin because of the absence of any proof that a marriage had taken place. Finally, though, I found a descendant's marriage record that filled in the missing name I had been seeking.

      Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts on your own family.


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      Subject: [genpcncfir] Re: Ancestry.com
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      Date: Sunday, February 7, 2010, 9:51 PM

      I am researching William Moore of Edgecombe County born around 1900. His wife is Susan Barron Moore also born about 1900. (Susan is related to the Reids of Edgecombe.)They, as a couple, are easy to follow to the present but I can not manage to find any breaks on William's family before 1920. I have William's parents as John McClain and Dora Moore but I am not certain of the accurateness of that. William has two brothers, Walter and Ben. Ben later changes his last name to McClain. He also has siblings Junious, Nettie, and Sudie--all McClains. One theory I was given were the parents never married, thus the varying last names. The second theory was the parents married after already having several children.

      Researching Baker, Spell, Wooten, Edwards, Eason, Tyson, Moore, McClain, Barron, and Reid.

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      > Hi Ty ,, Which Moores are you reseaching in Pitt Co. ? best, cheryl o7o

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    • Carol Singh
      Dear Cheryl,      I ll get right back with you in a few minutes. I have some of my files online.      Carol ... From: cheryl rhoden
      Message 82 of 82 , Jun 5, 2010
        Dear Cheryl,
             I'll get right back with you in a few minutes. I have some of my files online.

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        Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Re: Moores and McClains & bastardy bonds
        To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
        Date: Saturday, June 5, 2010, 5:03 PM


        Dear Carol ,,, Well, we can do this however seems best.

        Let me share this with you:  We have Caleb Moore dob 1760 in Pitt (likely Beaufort as the Pitt County lines didn't really take effect until like 1763 or 1764 although Pitt was originally formed in 1760).   We have all info as regards Caleb's migration to GA in the early 1800s. We have the census reports, the land records, the family bible transcription, the Rev War records. And, we have the names of the children. We also have their CSA records. (We also know Caleb's wife and the families that his children married into going way back up.)

        What we don't have with any real definition is the John Moore that was Caleb's father. We do have his land records, tax rolls, the Huxford info and the family bible. We know, or think we know that Caleb's brothers were Moses, Cason and possibly an Aaron. We do not have the name of John Moores wife or if there were daughters. We have narrowed our search to several possibles. Unfortunately, the court house in Pitt burned down ,, so, until we can make a trip to Raliegh to see what else there may be ,, we're at a brickwall as they say.

        In the process of our search, we have looked at other Moore lines. So, let me know yours and I can let you know if we have anything. And, by all means let me know what you have on Caleb. Ya just never know. And, there was more than one Caleb. And, I'm very willing to share info with you or anyone else researching these Moore lines. I've posted a good bit before here. best, cheryl o7o


        From: Carol Singh <csinghworthington@...>
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        Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Re: Moores and McClains & bastardy bonds

        Dear Cheryl,
             I should have some free hours coming up toward the end of next week--sandwiched in between now and June 26th. I am really interested in learning about our early Moore families. As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, I can prove my 1800's to present connection, but back farther than that, I have not had the time to conduct the research myself.

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