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Fw: DAR Genealogical Research System now available

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group...... The below article gleaned for you this morning.... enjoy and ... Subject: DAR Genealogical Research System now available, also an online
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2010
      Hello Group......
      The below article 'gleaned' for you this morning.... enjoy and

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      Subject: DAR Genealogical Research System now available,
      also an online index to GRC Index database (20 million names
      and counting)

      From the Dec. 2009 newsletter of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania:

      DAR Releases Genealogical Research System
      The Daughters of the American Revolution have posted the DAR
      genealogical Research System (GRS) on its site. The GRS includes
      information collected by the DAR since its inception in 1890 organized in
      three databases:
      one each for: ancestors, members, and descendants.

      The ancestor database contains information from verified membership
      applications and supplemental applications. The member database allows
      limited searching of members ancestor records, while the descendants
      database indexes names from the lineage page of DAR applications and

      At present the descendants database includes lineage information from
      original applications with national numbers 370001 through 868280
      along with lineages from 120000 supplemental applications;
      approximately 4500 new names are added to this database daily, so check
      back often.

      [end of article]

      Not given in the article: The URL is:
      and the descendants database as of today has over 7,100,000 names.
      direct link to the ancestors database:
      direct link to the descendants database:

      Info about the GRC Index:

      GRC Database Overview
      The GRC Database is an every name index of the GRC Books housed in the
      DAR Library. Currently, volunteers to the Genealogical Research Committee
      have indexed 20% of the books and have entered more than 20 million names.

      These typescripts contain a tremendous amount of unique genealogical
      material, much of it gleaned from gravestones, family Bibles, and
      personal collections. DAR members gather together information
      accessible to them where they live, through family connections, or in
      their own genealogical papers. In the course of a year, approximately
      300 new reports arrive at the GRC office of the DAR Library for
      addition to the collection.

      Each entry in the database is linked to the library catalog. Click on
      the link and users can find more information about the book in which
      the name was found.


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