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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Group.... Hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving Holidays, surrounded by loving family, tender memories and tall tales of our dearly departed ones. Below
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      Hello Group....
      Hope all of you enjoyed Thanksgiving Holidays, surrounded by loving
      family, tender memories and 'tall tales' of our dearly departed ones.
      Below is long-awaited news of DAR 'happenings' which
      will benefit many researchers. Enjoy and use!
      Thank you Rose and Eric.

      Main SURNAMES;

      GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research
      (Serving all Eastern/Coastal NC Counties)

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      From: "Rose Parks"
      Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 9:10 PM
      Subject: DAR records


      After nearly a decade of scanning, indexing, and other behind-the-scenes
      work by DAR members and employees, the Daughters of the American Revolution
      is pleased to announce the availability of the DAR Genealogical Research
      System on our public website. Here are the direct links:

      http://www.dar.org/library/online_research.cfm or www.dar.org (and click on
      the Library button at the top, then the second tab in the left-hand column).

      The GRS is a growing collection of databases that provide access to many
      materials collected by the DAR over the past 119 years. Included in this
      collection of databases is the GRC National Index which has been available
      to researchers for the past few years. There are still some kinks we’re
      working out here and there.

      When you go to the link above, you will find several tabs that will enable
      searching in the various databases:

      Ancestor – established DAR Revolutionary War Ancestors and basic information
      about them with listings of the applications submitted by descendants who
      joined the DAR [updated daily]

      Member – limited access to information on deceased/former DAR members – not
      current members.

      Descendants – index of generations in applications between the DAR member
      and the Revolutionary War ancestor. There is much eighteenth and
      nineteenth-century information here. [ongoing indexing project]

      GRC – everyname index to 20,000 typescript volumes (some still being
      indexed) of genealogical records such as cemeteries, Bibles, etc. This index
      is not limited to the period of the American Revolution at all.

      Resources [In particular, the digitized DAR Library Revolutionary Pension
      Extract Card Index and the Analytical Index Cards. Other information sources
      will be coming in the near future, mostly relating to Revolutionary War
      service, bibliographies, Forgotten Patriots (updates), etc. Read the
      introductions to these to learn why these are both important genealogical
      indexes. For example, the Rev. War pension index includes the names of
      people mentioned in those pensions that were abstracted (not just the
      pensioner or widow)!!!!]

      Library Catalog – our book, periodical, and manuscript holdings

      Each of these has interrelated content, and a description of each is given
      more fully on the website. You will notice restricted information in many
      search results. This is the result of a concerted effort to protect the
      identity of our members while providing historical genealogical information
      to researchers.

      The national numbers of members (without the names of living members) given
      in the search results are needed to order copies of applications and
      supplemental applications. They do not lead online researchers to any other
      information about the member.

      Please pass this information on to your researchers.


      Eric G. Grundset
      Library Director
      DAR Library
      National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
      1776 D Street, N. W.
      Washington , DC 20006-5303
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