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Re: Lines I am Searching - New Member

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  • Linda
    Cheryl, Thank you so much for your post! It is very exciting to correspond with someone working on these Weeks, etc. lines! I have never had anyone answer one
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 6, 2009

      Thank you so much for your post! It is very exciting to correspond with someone working on these Weeks, etc. lines! I have never had anyone answer one of my posts on that line (that I can recall).

      Is your Theophilus the brother of Thankful and both the children of Benjamin Weeks and Mary Chase? I have him with four children but no Ada.

      I am working on documentation for the DAR on the service of James Mills. I already am in on my Fisher line via James Washington Fisher,Sr. I will order the reports on James Mills to see what is there. I was having trouble with the Rebecca Hicks/James Mills connection to their son, Shadrach Mills. I think I have it via Shadrach being named in deeds and a will (I think) of Thankful Weeks Hicks. Rebecca was the only child.

      I would like to have a copy of the newsletter you mentioned. You may email directly to me at lindamaxwell44 @hotmail (omit the space before @).

      Thank you for sending my message to your cousin who may be able to help.

      I have a great deal of information on John Robinson. I was in Holland about 15 years ago and visited the Newkirk (New Church) in Amsterdam and saw his grave in the floor of the church but didn't know who he was. I missed the opportunity to take a picture. Now I have a clinet in Holland and I am going to ask him to go and take a picture for me. I always thought that Bridget (his wife) remained in Holland, but she sailed to America about 4 years after he died.

      My line of Mills moved down into Georgia and then to Dale Co., Alabama.

      I am so glad that I found this site. I hope to have more posts soon and I am always willing to help others, too!

      Linda Maxwell-Fisher

      --- In genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com, cheryl rhoden <rhodenccc@...> wrote:
      > Dear Linda, Or I should really say cousin X removed. Welcome to the group. There are some really helpful people here.
      > We also descend from John Robinson through the Weeks lines. My GX grandfather was Theophilus Weeks and then down thru Ada Weeks m John O'Steen and down from there.  
      > I don't have info on your Mills line after Thankful. I'll send your e to my cousins to see if they can help you. Most of our lines were in Pitt, SC, VA and then migrated south into Al., Ga., Fl. Have you checked with the D.A..R. on your RS James Mills? They can be very helpful.
      > There is a lot of info out there on John Robinson. The Shaw Newsletter has a great writeup that includes the Weeks lines.  I have a copy if you'd like it. Its likely too long to post here but if its ok with our moderator I can do so. Or, just e me privately.
      > Welcome to the group. Best regards, Cheryl Rhoden
      > Researching:  Rhoden, Moore, Raulerson, Johns, O'Steen, Weeks, Crews, Altman, and the list goes on.  
      > ________________________________
      > From: Linda <lindamaxwell44@...>
      > To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, October 5, 2009 4:36:32 PM
      > Subject: [genpcncfir] Lines I am Searching - New Member
      > Hello, everyone,
      > I am new to your list...
      > I am searching the following family names from the Pitt/Duplin Counties:
      > Lanier, Hicks, Mills
      > Very briefly, descend as follows:
      > John Robinson (pastor in Holland to the Puritans) md. Bridgett White
      > Isaac Robinson md. Mrgaret Hanford
      > William Weeks Jr. md Mercy Robinson
      > Benjamin Weeks md Mary Chase
      > Thankful Weeks md Thomas Hicks
      > Rebecca Hicks (only child) md James Mills
      > Shadrack Mills md. Sarah Lanier
      > Hester Lanier Mills md William Hutchison (and moved to south Alabama)
      > Mahala Hutchison md Andrew Jackson Simmons, Sr.
      > William Lewis Simmons, Sr. md Mary Elizabeth Cain
      > Wlliam Lewis Simmons, Jr. md Mattie Bullock
      > Inez Simmons md William Harold Fisher
      > Linda Fisher (me)
      > Simon Mills (believed to be father of...)
      > William Mills (believed to be the father of...
      > James Mills (see above)
      > Lanier...very long family line, but originates with Nicholas about 1545 in France...
      > John Lanier md Unk
      > John Lanier md. Elizabeth Bird
      > Lemuel Lanier d. Hannah Peters
      > John Lanier m Sarah Mills
      > Sarah Lanier md Shadrach Mills (see above)
      > Any help on these lines will be greatly appreciated.
      > We believe that our James Mills may have been a Rev. War Soldier and died in a battle. There is a James Mills in the RWS files....just not positive he is ours.
      > I would be grateful for any help!
      > Linda C. Fisher Maxwell-Fisher
      > __._,_..___
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