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Grandson of Millard & Cecil(FARRELL) STANCIL

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  • James Stancil
    Hi My name is James Simmons Stancil I am the grandson of Millard & Cecil(FARRELL)STANCIL. This is part of the info I have been abel to gather up. Some of you
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2008
      Hi My name is James Simmons Stancil I am the grandson of Millard &
      Cecil(FARRELL)STANCIL. This is part of the info I have been abel to
      gather up. Some of you will recognize your research(thank you
      temendeously) but some info here is from up to 9 years ago.
      and I got to your group to research the RABUN GAP, GA Stancils
      particularly My Grandfather Millard Stancil who was listed with his
      father, mother and brothers and sisters. My dad(Robert Allen
      STANCIL, sr) verified this by recognising the names. this is where I
      am starting from.
      My Grandmother was Cecil FARRELL from Rolla or Cape Girardeau, MO.
      On my mothers Side Her Father was Henson "Dixie" TROVILLION from
      Massac County Il we have a lot of info because someone put together a
      very well researched book back in the 70s where we go back to
      England with 3 different spelling of the name.
      My grandmother here is Lucia SIMMONS, also from Metropolis, Il
      but lived in Morehouse, MO her father was James SIMMONS and was
      married to Mom SIMMONS(Will post her name Later)

      James Stancil

      I have found a Sarah E. Stancil, William Stancil, Martha A.
      Stancil, along with Major Washington Stancil, Mary L., Susan M, Susie
      Bell, Birdie Viola, David N. and James H., all children of Eli
      Nimmons Stancil. They were born in Rabun County, Georgia

      Amanda was married to Eli Nimmons Stancil. I am researching the
      Stancil side of the family. Eli and Amanda had 8 children, the last
      one born in April 1880. He then remarried and had other children
      after 1885 with Jenny Sara Husky, so I assume that Amanda died
      between 1880 and 1885.
      I would love any other information you have on the Stancil side. I
      could also provide you with more on the Stancil's if you need it.

      Eli Stancil of Pickens County, S.C
      I have an Eli Stancil who died in Pickins, SC in 1866. He was
      married to Sarah, and they had 9 children: Eli, James, Elizabeth,
      Alfred, Rebecca, John, Willir, Lucinda, and Warren. Is this any help?
      I think Eli's father was Levi, but not sure on this yet.

      Eli Stancil (married to Sarah) had a son named Eli Nimmons Stancil
      (married to Amanda Gwinn). Both Eli's were born in South Carolina. I
      don't have much else on either of these two, but do have a lot of
      information on James H. Stancil, who is the son of Eli Nimmons

      My grandfather was Levis Stancil 1921 Georgia. He was from Rabun
      Gap, GA. His parents were James Otto Stancil and Marie Elizabeth
      Love. I have just started on tracing my grandfather's side of the
      family. I beleive James Otto Stancil's mother was Blackfoot Indian
      (or that is what is told to me my family members). Any connection -
      please email me. Thanks
      I was told growing up that there were 3 brothers that came to
      America. Hence, the spelling Stancil 3 ways (-cel, -sel). I have just
      begun researching my grandfather's lineage (b.1921 d.1978). He was
      from Rabun Gap, GA. His father was James Otto Stancil and his mother
      was Martha Elizabeth Love Stancil. Good luck in your search
      Thank you so much - this will give me a lot to research. Last
      night I had gotten from my grandma (Alma Stancil) that brothers and
      sisters of Levis Stancil. They are William, Jessie, Ronald, Gladys,
      Carolyn, Florence, Fannie, Yvonne, and Estellee. She also told me
      James Otto Stancil had 2 brothers she knew of - Carl (which shows as
      1 y.o. on your email) and John (?). I was told James Otto's mom was
      Blackfoot (Sarah?) and using that term instead of Blackfeet suggest
      Canadian. Still working on that one. Thanks again!


      Levis, I can add some information, as I am the grandaughter of
      Sallie(Otto's sister). James Otto Stancil's parents were James
      Hamilton Stancil and Sarah Jane Taylor. Sarah's parents were
      Sidney "Dudley" Taylor (CSA) and Mahulda Caroline "Huldy" York. I
      have pictures and more info if you are still interested.


      Levis, your grandfather Levis is the brother of my husband's
      father. You listed the brothers and sisters (William, Jessie, Ronald,
      Gladys, etc.) but you left off Joseph, who was my husband's father.
      Florence and Yvonne are still living, but Ronnie died last year. It
      looks like you and I are looking for the same family, so if you'd
      like to e-mail me, we can share information.
      And James Otto had 3 brothers, Carl, Warner and Millard, plus a lot
      of sisters. I would like to talk to you about your family, since I
      assume your mom (daughter of Levis) would be my husband's cousin.

      I have no close connection to your Stancils. Mine are all of the NC
      branch of the family.
      1-Your grandfather Levis was listed with his parents James and Martha
      Stancil in the 1930 census in Spartanburg County, SC.
      2- Levis's father James Otto Stancil was born circa 1892-1894
      3- James Otto Stancil was listed with his parents on the 1910 census
      in Tennessee Valley, Rabun County Georgia:
      Stancil, James 41 y.o. born SC
      Sarah 42 y.o. born SC
      Lula 23 y.o. born SC
      Bertha 18 y.o. born SC Millard's sister, may have died about 28 y.o.
      Otto 16 y.o. born GA
      Margaret 14 y.o. born GA
      Sis 12 y.o. born GA
      Sallie 11 y.o. born GA
      Warner/Warren 7 y.o. born GA
      Millard 4 y.o. born GA
      Carl 1 y.o. born GA
      4-James Otto's father James H (Henry?) Stancil was listed on the 1880
      census Rabun County, GA census in Tennessee Valley in the household
      of his parents:
      Stancil, Eli N. 32 y.o. born SC
      Amanda 35 y.o. born SC (maiden name Guinn/Gwinn?)
      James H. 14 y.o. born SC
      Martha A. 13 y.o. born SC
      Mary L. 11 y.o. born SC
      Sleeter ? 8 y.o. born SC
      Sarah E. 5 y.o. born GA
      Susan 4 y.o. born GA
      William 1 y.o. born GA
      5-Eli N. Stancil was listed in the 1850 census in Pickens County, SC
      with his parents:
      Stancil, Eli 49 y.o. born SC
      Sarah 42 y.o.
      James M. 24 y.o.
      Elizabeth 23 y.o.
      Alfred 19 y.o.
      Rebecca (?) 18 y.o.
      John H. 18 y.o.
      Willis A. 15 y.o.
      Lucinda 13 y.o.
      Warren H. 9 y.o.
      Eli N. 3 y.o.
      Eli said to have died in Pickens,SC in 1866 but I have no source for
      that date.

      So your line would be:
      James Otto and Martha
      James H. ( born circa 1866 ) and Sarah
      Eli N. ( born circa 1847 )and Amanda
      Eli ( born circa 1801 )and Sarah

      Beyond this I can't really help. The claim has been made ( and I
      don't know the source ) that Eli born circa 1801 was the son of a
      Levi Stancil born 1770's.
      IF (and I say IF ) Eli was a son of Levi, that would suggest to me
      the Levi Stancil found on the Greenville County, SC census in 1800 ,
      1810 ( maybe later).
      I doubt there is enough evidence to substantiate the paternity of
      that Levi Stancil born 1770's and found in Greenville County, SC in
      the early 1800's.
      My best guess would be that Levi of the 1800 Greenville census was
      most likely a son of the Samuel Stancil also found one page away in
      Greenville in 1800.
      I can not prove it, but I truly believe that Samuel Stancil of the
      1800 Greenville County, SC census was most likely the very same
      Samuel Stancil who was listed on the NC census of 1784-1787 in Wilkes
      County, NC. ( there seems to have been quite a bit of migration from
      Wilkes County, NC to Greenville County, SC about the 1790-1800 time
      Samuel Stancil who was in Wilkes County, NC during the 1780's had
      gone there from Wake County, NC where he had a couple land grants and
      deeds between 1779-1780's.
      Samuel Stancil had gone to Wake County about 1779 from Cumberland
      County, NC. Prior to Cumberland County he had been in Pitt County, NC
      I believe.
      To make a long story short I think Samuel Stancil was the orphan
      Samuel Stancil named in court records during the 1730's (Bertie
      and/or Tyrrell County, NC) - listed as an orphan of Peter Stancil
      Peter Stancil who died during the 1730's was a carpenter, his wife's
      name was Sarah (maiden name unknown). After Peter Stancil's death the
      widow Sarah Stancil married a man named Richard Sparkman. ( I believe
      Levi was a commonly used name in the Sparkman family)
      I don't think there is any explicit evidence, but there is absolutely
      no doubt in my mind that Peter Stancil dec'd 1730's was a son of John
      Stancil and wife Katherine (maiden name unknown, commonly said to
      be "Hardy" but there is not one shred of evidence)
      This John Stancil , husband of Katherine, was the immigrant ancestor
      of our family. He was born in England about 1662 and came to VA as an
      indentured servant in 1683. He was listed on the Nansemond County, VA
      tax list in 1704 shortly after which he moved just a little south to
      the Chowan County area of NC where he was mentioned several times in
      the colonial NC court records between 1709 and 1713.
      John Stancil died in Chowan, NC in late 1712/early 1713.
      The section of Chowan where John died later became Bertie County and
      it is in Bertie County where John's sons are found in the records not
      long after his death.
      Best of luck,
      Tracy Stancil
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