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Re: Cemetery Survey of Pitt County (Purchase Information)

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  • Margaret Lindsey Smith
    Is the book (or are the books) indexed by name? I wouldn t know in which cemeteries to begin to look for my Pitt Co. ancestors! Margaret Lindsey Smith TURNAGE,
    Message 1 of 40 , Nov 4, 2007
      Is the book (or are the books) indexed by name? I wouldn't know in
      which cemeteries to begin to look for my Pitt Co. ancestors!

      Margaret Lindsey Smith
      TURNAGE, BRILEY/BRYLEY, and other lines either definitely or probably
      from Pitt Co.
    • Carol Singh
      Dear Judy, Back to our Harris line, Henry Clay Harris was the dad of Martha Ann Harris. Her mother was Albritton, Henrietta--I recall I think that at the time
      Message 40 of 40 , Nov 19, 2007
        Dear Judy,
        Back to our Harris line, Henry Clay Harris was the
        dad of Martha Ann Harris. Her mother was Albritton,
        Henrietta--I recall I think that at the time I began
        researching this line that I was attracted by the
        similarity of her first name to that of her husband.
        Jacob was the bachelor brother who helped raise my
        Cousin Claudius McGowan.
        His brother and second husband of Martha Ann was
        James Harris.
        I learned of the family's raising my infant cousin
        from Mama, who of course had first hand information
        and who knew and thought the world of Martha Ann
        Harris McGowan.
        What Mama told me about the Harris family's love
        and support is also documented in Chronicles I in an
        entry on the Harris family.
        This family has my deepest admiration, gratitude,
        and love.
        To this day, I do not know what caused the death
        of my young uncle Lemuel McGowan, Jr. Mama herself
        said it was reported to have been from Yellow Fever,
        but I have never found any newspaper article or
        mention of the circumstances of his death.
        If anyone knows, whatever the cause, please chime
        in. I do not know either where he was buried.
        Later, Carol

        --- "Judy N. Lewis" <jnlewis@...> wrote:

        > Hello All You Nichols Kin,
        > I am still searching for the family of Susan
        > Elizabeth Nichols, aka Liza, who was born 1819.?She
        > married Robert Harris the son of Charles Harris and
        > Tama McLawhorn.?We know that Robert's brother,
        > Charles F. Harris, married Elizabeth (Betsy) Nichols
        > who was the daughter of Whitney Nichols.?Surely
        > these two brothers married girls that were from the
        > same Nichols lines.?But.....where's the proof!??If
        > Robert and Susan Elizabeth (Liza) ever show up in
        > your research, please let us hear from you.
        > Judy
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        > From: "Carol Singh" <csinghworthington@...>
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        > Cc: "Carol B. Singh" <CSinghWorthington@...>
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        > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Briley in Bethel Cemetery
        > Dear Louise,
        > Additionally, the Crawford family, specifically
        > going back to Rachel Crawford whose father was
        > Calvin
        > Crawford, in the Nichols line is another family tie
        > between the Nichols line and my ancestors.
        > My great grandfather James Braxton married Martha
        > Crawford, daughter of Siddy Crawford and Allen.
        > They also had a surviving son, about 11 years
        > younger than Martha. He married Elizabeth Vincent.
        > Martha survived to a ripe old age, filing Civil
        > War Pensions on behalf of her husband James and
        > their
        > son Jesse who home on leave from the Civil War
        > [medical I think] died when he contracted measles.
        > I see from online records that Linda had a sister
        > named Elizabeth. I don't recall her having mentioned
        > her name.
        > Of course, Linda did tell me that her siblings
        > differed greatly in age and that that separated them
        > because essentially it was as if they were
        > generations
        > apart. I see, for example, that Elizabeth was born
        > in
        > 1924 while Linda was born in 1938.
        > I see additionally from her Nichols line women's
        > names that appeared repeatly in my own lines. Even
        > when we weren't marrying Nichols to Worthington, it
        > seems that we kept close ties.
        > Later, Carol
        > --- Louise < champright@... > wrote:
        > > Hi Carol,
        > >
        > > So Linda is your cousin by marriage, but is also
        > > related to you indirectly though the Slaughters
        > and
        > > Worthingtons. Mary Polly Worthington is my gg
        > > grandmother. How is she related to you? Send me
        > > your line and Linda's line if you have it.
        > >
        > > I wonder if Linda is related to Robin Nichols who
        > > lives on Bell Arthur Rd. Robin and I were working
        > > together on the Nichols line. She takes care of
        > two
        > > Nichols cemeteries in Bell Arthur. Linda and Robin
        > > almost have to know each other. Louise
        > >
        > > Carol Singh < csinghworthington@... > wrote:
        > > Dear Louise,
        > > Oh, we may in addition be related through the
        > > Tripp line from my daddy's side. Gatsey Ann Tripp
        > > was
        > > married to my great uncle Augustus Braxton, son of
        > > Council Braxton and Sarah Rountree.
        > > From Mama's line, her first cousin Vernelle Hardee
        > > whose parents were Minnie Worthington and Zeno
        > > Hardee
        > > (with a McGowan mom--both of these were my birth
        > > cousins before marrying each other), married
        > Wilbur
        > > Knight Tripp.
        > > I am not sure of his line, but will look it up.
        > > By the way, my cousin Linda Nichols Worthington
        > was
        > > raised in Bel Arthur. Her relatives still live
        > > there.
        > > She graduated from high school there, and shortly
        > > afterwards married my cousin who had learned that
        > > she
        > > did not trust and had no intention of dating any
        > > "Winterville boy."
        > > When his friends told him that, it was all she
        > > wrote as the saying is.
        > > He turned on all his charm, dressed for success,
        > > and went courting. He came back with the prize:
        > his
        > > first date with Linda set.
        > > Never having seen Linda before he went to her
        > house
        > > to ask her out, he knew only how his friends had
        > > praised her character and lamented that they had
        > no
        > > chance with her.
        > > I can only say that it was love at first sight on
        > > his part. He didn't wait long to say "I do,"
        > telling
        > > us that he wasn't about to lose her.
        > > To this day, we feel so blessed that she said
        > "Yes"
        > > to his proposal. She's a real sweetheart, loved by
        > > everyone whose privilege it is to meet her. Though
        > > having two daughters of her own, my mother loved
        > > Linda
        > > as if she were her daughter as well.
        > > Her Mom, Martha Ann Willoughby, was the daughter
        > of
        > > Ruel Willoughby.
        > > Linda has recently put together a booklet on her
        > > families and has begun research on the earlier
        > > generations. From time to time, I have sent her
        > new
        > > information as I have run across it.
        > > My cousin Trish and I must be like you, determined
        > > genealogists. We have had both adventures and
        > > misadventures in our cemetery sleuthing and have
        > met
        > > some interesting and interested people besides,
        > > those
        > > on whose land our cemeteries were and who were
        > > dedicated to their upkeep.
        > > I expect that Trish or other members of our group
        > > will respond with more on the graves of Mary Polly
        > > Worthington and John Slaughter. I, too, would like
        > > to
        > > visit their graves.
        > > I never realized until I went with her to visit
        > the
        > > graves of my McGowan aunts and uncles what a
        > > profound
        > > effect something like that could have. It must
        > have
        > > been similar to what visitors to the Viet Nam War
        > > Memorial experience upon seeing the names of their
        > > comrades and having flashbacks.
        > > Suddenly, for me too, all that I had learned and
        > > read about them came to life. Standing above their
        > > graves, I both found and lost them again at the
        > same
        > > time. The loss was as fresh as if all had just
        > died
        > > that morning so deeply did I grieve for them.
        > > Our cemeteries are sacred ground. The efforts of
        > > our members to collect information on them, to
        > > organize it, publish it, and make it available to
        > us
        > > says that they are kindred spirits who appreciate
        > > the
        > > value of this legacy to us, especially to us at a
        > > distance and without knowledge of how to find the
        > > cemeteries even when we have the names in front of
        > > us.
        > > Back to you later with the Tripp lineage.
        > > Later, Carol
        > >
        > >
        > > --- Louise wrote:
        > >
        > > > Hi Carol,
        > > > I want to keep writing.
        > > > I love the way you write. I love your stories
        > to.
        > > > You are twice in my line. Once though the
        > Nichols
        > > > and once through the Slaughters. I didn't know
        > > that
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