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Re: [genpcncfir] Haywood Dail

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Marcia, The Dail in Greenwood may be my relative. I ll ask Uncle Wes what he knows about Uncle Dick, as we called him. I know that he lived in Greenville.
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 18, 2007
      Dear Marcia,
      The Dail in Greenwood may be my relative. I'll ask
      Uncle Wes what he knows about Uncle Dick, as we called
      I know that he lived in Greenville. Like all the
      Braxton men, he was always wore a suit and tie in
      public. Even if he were coming to our house in the
      evening with no plans to go anywhere else, he was
      dressed up.
      Yet he wasn't stand offish or hesitant to play with
      us children because he was afraid of getting his
      clothes messed up.
      Among us, he was a completely relaxed and
      down-to-earth. That's why it was such a surprise to me
      to learn that he was somebody because he never put on
      any airs whatsoever.
      What a good person this man was!
      Mama and Uncle Mark for their part could not have
      been more supportive of East Carolina Medical School
      than if they had owned it--just for the record.
      However, they also made a point of never letting
      either religion or politics come between them and
      anyone else. These matters they simply never discussed
      outside our home, and where they knew that someone
      differed from them, they politely changed the subject
      or when they could not, they listened and nodded as if
      they agreed 100% with the speaker.
      Of course, I was shocked on those occasions because
      we were very open in expressing our views at home. It
      took several conversations from both Mama and Uncle
      Mark to teach me the wisdom of their ways.
      Sorry about your computer but glad you have a
      warranty. Isn't it just devastating when you so look
      forward to something new, and then it doesn't work?
      Thanks for helping me again with my research, Carol
      --- Marcia McLawhorn <marcia_mclawhorn@...>

      > Hi Carol,
      > Wouldn't you know it, my new computer died last
      > evening. It's the first one that I have had that
      > failed in its 90-day trail period. It's under
      > warranty. Hopefully, the data on the hard drive will
      > be intact. I'm going through computers like candy.
      > I do believe [going from memory], I have three men
      > named "Haywood Dail" plus men named "Haywood Dail
      > [some last name]" and "[first name] Haywood Dail".
      > The former (including: Haywood Dail Mills [b:1927]
      > and Haywood Dail Laughinghouse [b:902]) may be named
      > after the W. Haywood Dail, Jr. shown below:
      > ______________
      > The W. Haywood Dail, Jr. seems to be famous for
      > ECU per Roger Kammerer's "Pitt's Past" Column on
      > April 4-17, 2001
      > "W. Haywood Dail, Jr. An East Carolina Builder"
      > Famous for confessing to literally chewing up all
      > votes against locating what is now East Carolina
      > University in Greenville, W. Haywood Dail, Jr., was
      > a farmer, tobacconist, car dealer, builder, brick
      > maker, highway commissioner, and avid horse racer. A
      > native of Greene County, Dail made the brick for the
      > first buildings at ECU.
      > ______________
      > He may be the one that you are related to per The
      > Cherry Hill Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions in
      > Section L:
      > 960. William Haywood Dail, Jr., Mar.
      > 14, 1878 - Feb. 2, 1959 961. William
      > Haywood Dail, III, son of W. H. & Mary B. Dail,
      > July 13, 1907 - Sept. 27, 1916
      > ______________
      > Marcia
      > Carol Singh <csinghworthington@...> wrote:
      > Dear Kelly,
      > ...
      > Additionally, I do not know if Grandma Dosie Dail
      > had any brothers or sisters (surviving ones at
      > least) except for Dick Dail, whom I knew and who
      > visited us often with Grandma.
      > Then I learn from my Uncle Wes, daddy's oldest
      > brother who is still living in Greenville, that
      > Uncle Dick was not named Dick. He was Haywood Dail.
      > He died in 1959 in Greenville.
      > Recently, I found out that there was Haywood
      > Dail,Sr. and Haywood Dail, Jr. Was my great uncle
      > either of these? Since Uncle Dick "Haywood" was the
      > son of M.D. Dail, he should not have been a Jr.
      > However, what he should have been and what he was
      > are two different things. I have run into guys who
      > bore the "Jr." after their names and who were named
      > for a beloved uncle.
      > If you or Marcia or Jewel or any of you who have
      > done research on any of these lines can help answer
      > any of my questions, I would be truly grateful to
      > you.
      > ...
      > Thanks, Carol
      > .
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