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[genpcfr] Wills of Robert and John Page

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  • Michael Johnson
    from the Genealogical Publishing Company Virginia Vital Records Virginia Will Records -- from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 1999
      from the Genealogical Publishing Company Virginia Vital Records
      Virginia Will Records -- from the Virginia Magazine of History and
      the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, and Tyler’s
      Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Indexed by Judith McGhan.
      Pages 824-826

      The following wills from copies in the record of a suit in the old
      Chancery Court, are thos of Robert Page, of “Broadneck”, Hanover County, and
      Page, of “North End”, Gloucester County. Page’s “Page Family” states that
      Robert died about 1768, aged 46. An account of his children and their
      descendants is given on pp. 146-149, of the work quoted. His son, Matthew,
      built “Annefield” in Clark Co., and John built “Pagebrook.”
      John Page of “Northend” was a member of the Council from 1768, until
      his death in
      October 1774. His portrait and that of his wife, Jane, daughter of Wm.
      Byrd (2nd) of
      “Westover” are at William and Mary College, an account of his descendants is
      in “the
      Page Family’, 96-139. His son, Capt. Robert Page, M. C., 1799-1801, as a
      Federalist, built “Janeville”, now in Clark county, and died Jan. 1, 1840.

      Will of Robert Page
      In the name of God amen, I Robert Page of Hanover County in the Colony
      of Virginia being of sound & perfect mind and memory, do make and ordain
      this my last will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to
      say, after my just debts being paid I dispose of the worldly estate which
      God hath been pleased to endow me with as follows:
      Imprimis. I do give and bequeath unto my loving wife Sarah two hundred
      pounds per
      annum to be raised out of my Estate as long as she lives. I likewise give
      to my loving
      wife the Coach Horses and Harness, Robin the Coachman and the Postillion
      that is at my deaht also all the servants belonging to the House Kitchen and
      laundry, likewise the
      increase of those servants all to be at her own disposal. As my Hanover
      Land is intailed on my son Rober and the land in Carline County came by my
      wife, I suppose that also will be my son Roberts. For the one hundred
      pounds my mother gavy my son Mann I give him in Lieu, apmy a Carpenter &
      Thornton a Blacksmith. My land in Frederick County Idesire may be equally
      divided between my four sons, Mann, John, Matthew, and Walker. All my
      other slaves to be equally divided between my sons Robert, Mann, John,
      Matthew and Walker, my daughters Judith, Catharine and Sarah also to have on
      equal part with the others. Robert Page, Augt 15, 1761.
      I desire my brothers Mann and John Page with my dearest wife may be my
      Executors and I desire neither of my sons may ever be allowed to go to Horse
      Races or Cock fights,or to any other public diversion as they are only
      consuming of time & that all my children may be piousl;y broght up to that
      one and only thing necessary religon. Robert Page,Thursday, Augt. 15, 1765
      I make no mention of leaving Mulatto Cate or the children she had by John
      because there may be dispute concerning them which might occasion
      difficulties among my children.
      Robert Page, Decr. 16, 1766.
      James Emmerson, Lewis Lancey,
      Jno. Bickerton, Peter Strachan.
      It is my desire that the girl Chexer may be my daughter Judiths as I believe
      I gave to her a good while ago. I likewise desire the girl Nellty may be
      my daughter Catherines as I gave her to her some time past.
      Robert Page, Feb. 4, 1767.
      The estate left my son Walker I desire as he is dead may be equally divided
      between my three youngest sons living, Mann, John and Matthew.
      Robert Page, July 28, 1767.

      Will of John Page
      I give to my son William Byrd Page one hundred pounds sterling for each year
      he shall
      continue at Edinburgh in Scotland to maintain him while he is studyiung
      Physick and at his return one thousand pounds current money. I desire my
      sons Carter, Matthew, Robert,and Thomas Taylor Page may be brought up to
      such profession or business as my Exors. shall think most suitable to their
      capacities, may be maintained out of my estate and attheir respective ages
      of twenty one I give each of the one thousand pounds sterling. I give to
      my daughter Judith Nelson one thousand pounds current money to be paid as
      soon as it can be conveniently raised out of my estate. I give to my
      daughters Maria Taylor, Jane Byrd and Lucy Page eight hundred pounds each
      and a negro girl each at their respective age of twenty one years. If any
      of my children should die before the are of age or married their part so
      given shall be looked upon as my estate. I give to my son John Page my
      land in Caroline County with the slaves & stocks upon the said land. to him
      and his heirs forever upon condition that he pay two of his sisters fortunes
      when they become due. I give all the rest of my estate to my Exors. for
      the payment of my debts andlegacies and the maintenance of my wife and
      children, whereas my son Mann will have a right to my lands in Gloster
      County at my death my will is that exclusive of the negroes at my Bridge
      Quarter he may have thirty others young and old.
      I appoint my brother Mann Page and my Honble & worthy friend Mr.
      President Nelson with my sons Mann & John Page exors. of this my last will,
      revoking any other before make.
      In witness whereof all in my own hand writing I put my hand, May 25,
      If after my debts and legacies are paid there should be any thing left,
      my will and desires is that it be equally divided amongst my wife and
      children. May 12, 1772.


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