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Re: [genpcncfir] CRAV

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Marcia, One of my McGowan great uncles had the middle name Craven. Iredel for Iredell County was the first name of some of our ancestors. Interesting,
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 11, 2007
      Dear Marcia,
      One of my McGowan great uncles had the middle name
      Craven. Iredel for Iredell County was the first name
      of some of our ancestors. Interesting, isn't it?
      Reading one of your e-mails from Easter where you
      mentioned the snow reminds me of an unforgettable
      Chicago Easter when overnight the weather changed from
      mild and sunny with the appearance of a strong
      thunderstorm. We were visiting my husband's parents in
      Chicago that Easter and had brought only lightweight
      outfits and no sturdy shoes or boots. When we went
      outside the next morning, we were shocked to see the
      streets covered with snow. I was a sight trying to
      navigate the snow-covered sidewalks in my high heels
      while clinging to Jack in the interests of life and
      limb, awkward as a new-born colt on ice.
      Here in Richmond, Virginia for only the second time
      on record, we got snow for Easter--a record one inch
      here in the city. I left for the hour and a half drive
      to work shortly after 5 a.m. with visibility just
      inches beyond the hood of my car.
      I told people that someone was stealing the cotton
      from Peter Rabbit's tail. I could imagine the Easter
      Bunny hitching a ride on Santa's sleigh.
      Elise had just bought some new flowering plants for
      her front yard. She left them outside, and the cold
      killed them. The storm had also brought below freezing
      temperatures lasting several days and a typical
      Richmond wind strong enough to make any visiting Windy
      City native homesick. We had gusts up to 35 miles per
      It reached the 20's here in the city, lower out in
      the surrounding counties, and lower still in the Blue
      Ridge Mountains and Bluefield, Virginia where I once
      lived. Bluefield is known as the "air-conditioned"
      city. I am quite sure that over Easter it lived up to
      its name.
      Later, Carol

      --- Marcia McLawhorn <marcia_mclawhorn@...>

      > Group,
      > I found these possibilities for CRAV.
      > The Center for Responsible Appraisal and
      > Valuations (CRAV)
      > Commissioner of the Revenue Association of
      > Virginia (CRAV)
      > Short for Craven County
      > I'm thinking the best guess is it may be to
      > clarify the person as a Craven resident.
      > Marcia
      > skipper4095386@... wrote:
      > From the books "Index and Abstracts of
      > Deeds of Record, Pitt County, North Carolina" by
      > Judith DuPress Ellison:
      > ...
      > Deed Book O (1797-1801)
      > 3-2-1797 Grantor: Demsey Simmons (CRAV) Grantor:
      > William Joiner 200 A
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