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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Judy, I remember your having told me that is where you live. I believe that you are the one who helped my sister and me and my cousin and me when we were
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2007
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      Dear Judy,
      I remember your having told me that is where you
      live. I believe that you are the one who helped my
      sister and me and my cousin and me when we were in
      Greenville by letting us follow you in our cars.
      Mama looked at her chances of entering the County
      Home from a little different perspective.
      What she said was that things had to improve since
      she already lived near door to the "poor house," as
      she called it.
      Since you do live on County Home Road and since our
      childhood home is still standing, you can look at our
      home and get a general picture of the County Home.
      The shape of both from the road were the same. The
      front entry and front doors were the same. Both were
      also painted white--why someone has since been
      inspired to paint ours grey, I don't know.
      The front doors of both led into a hall off which
      the other rooms branched. The hall of the County Home
      had a crystal chandelier hanging a few feet from the
      front door, where Mama preferred floor lamps. No doubt
      her choice was dictated by the fact that the glare
      from a chandelier was too intense for Uncle Mark.
      Bright lights therefore prevented his seeing clearly
      in addition to the fact that the glare caused him
      The bedrooms of the County Home branched off the
      hall on either side just as ours did. The kitchen,
      like ours, was at the back of the house with an
      adjoining dining room.
      If I remember correctly, the kitchen and dining
      room were not separated from the rest of the house by
      branching porches as ours was. We had about 12 feet of
      what today would be considered a deck between our hall
      door and the kitchen door. Both the kitchen and dining
      rooms had separate entries off the back porch, but the
      County Home did not.
      I played there as a girl with the granddaughter of
      the Superintendent and his wife, and sometimes she
      came to my house when I didn't know she was visiting
      her grandparents. She had an older brother who was
      several years older than I. He was really nice, but he
      was definitely not interested in playing with girls!
      Mama and Mrs. Wilson ("Eva") were close friends,
      and she often took me with her when visiting Mrs.
      Wilson. Mrs. Wilson always served coffee in the
      sitting room across from the living room. Her living
      room actually contained a writing desk and sofa and
      chairs, just like Mama's. There she mostly read. Her
      telephone was in the living room as well, so she also
      conducted business there. Friends and family gathered
      either in the sitting room next door, where we spent
      most of our visits, or the kitchen.
      The floors, like ours, were wood. Like Mama, Mrs.
      Wilson kept hers polished to the point that they gave
      off a warm glow, especially in the early to
      mid-afternoon sun. The hall floor looked as if it were
      covered in gold beneath the chandelier. I, for one,
      loved it.
      The house had full-length windows, like ours. If
      you look at those on the front and sides of our house,
      you can imagine those of the County Home.
      Now, all I need to do is to go through my materials
      at home and see if I have a picture of our house, when
      it was painted white, and one of the County Home to
      share with you. One of Mama's friends frequently took
      pictures outside our house, and some of these have at
      least a view of the County Home.
      Good to hear from you, Carol
      --- skipper4095386@... wrote:

      > Carol,
      > If you get any pictures, maybe you could put them on
      > the website. I just do
      > remember the "Old County Home". My mom and her
      > sisters would say, "I guess
      > one day we will end up in the Old County Home."
      > I live on County Home Rd. and love the name has
      > history.
      > Thanks....Judy
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