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  • Brenda Stocks
    I know we have a number of people new to our mail lists who might not be familiar with the PCFR web page and the online resources we have at this site. Below
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 16, 2007
      I know we have a number of people new to our mail lists who might not be
      familiar with the PCFR web page and the online resources we have at this
      site. Below are some of the resources we have. On our webpage we also have a
      link to the Pitt County Archives, which also has much resource material

      Brenda Stocks

      Photo Album

      Biographical Extracts (collections; for others, see Biography Board, below)
      Biographical Abstracts From the Writings of C. C. Ware.
      A general resource for Pitt and many of its surrounding counties!

      Butcher Collection. Works of the late noted genealogist, Jonathan Butcher:
      Note: These records may not be redistributed in any manner; personal use
      The Wife (Wives) of John Kittrell
      Barrow Ancestry --Fifth Report; June 1989
      Barrow -- Ancestry of John Barrow of Warren Co., Georgia; June 1984
      Barrow Family in the Lineage of Miss Myrtle Barrow
      Barrow, Three Letters to Mrs. Guinn; 1984-1985
      Ancestry of Reuben Barrow; 1990 -------------------------------NEW

      NC General Statutes (Laws) Concerning Cemeteries
      Gone But Not Forgotten, Cemeteries in Northern Pitt County. By Annette
      Part 1.
      Part 2, Page 1
      Part 2, Page 2
      3 Grimesland Cemeteries, by John B. Grimes.
      Includes Laughinghouse, Grimesland, Avon
      Other Cemeteries, by various contributors.
      Includes Barrow-Jones, Moore, Peebles, Ross
      Black Jack Free Will Baptist Cemetery
      J. L. Jackson's 3, 853 Gravestone Transcriptions
      Dempsey Owens Cemetery
      Grave Sites in Northwest Pitt County, by Bill Kittrell
      Some African-American Grave Sites in Pitt County, by Bill Kittrell
      Cherry Hill Cemetery Inscriptions, Greenville, NC.
      St. John's Episcopal Cemetery Inscriptions, St. John's Community, NC.
      Bethany Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery

      Census Records
      Pitt County, NC, 1790 Federal Census
      Pitt County, NC, 1800 Federal Census (in 4 Parts).
      Pitt County, NC, 1810 Federal Census (in 6 Parts).
      Pitt County, NC, 1820 Federal Census (by Districts)
      (District Index at bottom of each 1820 census page)
      Pitt County, NC, 1830 Federal Census (by Districts) (District Index at
      bottom of each 1830 census page)
      Pitt County, NC, 1850 Federal Census
      Population Schedule (in 3 Parts, w/District Index in part 1).
      Mortality Schedule.

      Church Records
      Rountree Church Records: 1850-1892 (abstracted)
      Salem Church Records: 1876-1887 (complete)
      Bethany Free Will Baptist Church Records: 1879-1980
      Death Records
      Death Certificate Index 1913 - 1961 (a work in progress)

      Deed/Land Records and Notes (collections; for others, see Deeds Board,
      Rough Notes from Pitt Co. Deedbooks GG-SS Not abstracts! Roger's Kammerer's
      own notes--to be used as clues only!
      Pitt Deed Abstracts, Selected and Annotated, by William B. (Bill) Kittrell.
      Abstracts of Deeds, Cory/Corey Families in Pitt, Martin and Tyrrell
      Counties, NC, by Patricia Mersereau.

      Marriage Records
      Pitt County, NC, Marriage Bonds, pre-1858.
      Pitt County, NC, Marriage Register: 1851-1867.

      Tax Lists
      Pitt County, NC, 1762 Tax List.
      Pitt County, NC, 1763 Tax List.

      Wills and Estate Records (collections; for others, see Wills Board, below)
      Abstracts of Pitt County, NC, Wills Prior to 1858.

      Guides and Other Resources
      Guide to Pitt Co. Resources at the NC Archives
      A Pitt County Bibliography.
      Northeastern NC Societies Address List.
      Pitt County Places on the National Register.
      Other resources and search engines for Pitt County, NC, at Rootsweb.

      Lost Greenville.
      Drawings of lost or demolished Greenville by our own Roger Kammerer.
      Facsimilies of the placemats Roger created for a great, popular downtown
      restaurant, The Courtside Cafe. Warning: Large graphics, may take a few
      moments to load! Enjoy the tour!
      Pitt County Courthouses, 1760-present.
      Lost Greenville #1.
      Lost Greenville #2.
      Lost Greenville #3.
      Used with permission of Roger Kammerer and The Courtside Cafe. All rights

      Disclaimer: The PCFR cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the records
      and transcriptions contributed by its many participants. The wise researcher
      will realize that any on-line material is secondary at best, and will always
      seek to examine the original do
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