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Re: [genpcncfir] My point of view

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Bob, I know about the decomposition from organic material from my study of literature--like, for example, Edith Wharton s Roman Fever, a good read if
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 11, 2006
      Dear Bob,
      I know about the decomposition from organic
      material from my study of literature--like, for
      example, Edith Wharton's "Roman Fever," a good read if
      ever there were one.
      The newspaper articles on the landfill did
      acknowledge the leakage of the methane gas as well as
      the decomposition and the instability of the land
      Yes, I know about caveat emptor. My first
      acquaintance with it came from an Uncle Mark lecture
      to me on the subject of liability on defective
      merchandise. My high school Latin teacher, Mrs.
      Martin, also listed it among useful terms one could
      learn from the study of Latin. Then, of course, it
      appeared in my real estate class and later in my
      paralegal and administration of justice classes.
      The City of Richmond has accepted responsibility
      for the fiasco as far as trying to address immediate
      needs like evacuation to a shelter it opened
      specifically for the purpose of temporarily housing
      these people while it pumped raw sewage from their
      basements and yards and streets. Then, it issued
      vouchers for hotel accommodations for these people
      after closing the shelter.
      Just this morning FEMA, according to the
      Times-Dispatch article, has kicked in after deciding
      to help these people with more permanent housing.
      I have twice as a City of Richmond resident had
      the same experience as these residents. The City
      intervened promptly. It sent employees to supervise
      operations; it sent the equipment to do the job; and
      it sent inspectors when the job was completed to be
      sure their were no code violations.
      With the Battery Park residents, the time lapse
      between the flooding and the response and then the
      history of the land use prior to the building of the
      homes really aroused the ire of the readership of the
      Times-Dispatch and of residents and non-residents
      alike. The local radio and t.v. stations joined in the
      hue and cry. Now, as Shakespeare would have put it,
      "All's Well that Ends Well," or so we hope.
      Will you be ale to attend the PCR Reunion? Fifth
      cousin or first uncle, I would like to meet you.
      In the meantime, I will continue my Forbes research
      and see what I can learn.
      Thanks so much for sharing your first-hand
      experience on these landfills. Information like yours
      in addition to its interest can also prove very
      valuable to prospective home buyers.
      Later, Carol

      --- Bob Forbes <bforbes@...> wrote:

      > Dear Carol - I'm obligated to respond on this one
      > because it's in my line of work as an environmental
      > engineer, even though off the topic of Pitt County
      > gen. research. If it was a City landfill that
      > closed in 1980, the City is clearly responsible for
      > damage to homes that were built there later. The
      > land on top of most closed landfills is converted to
      > parks or public golf courses, largely because of the
      > risk of building structures there. Material in the
      > landfill continues to degrade, so of course the land
      > continues to subside until it's stable, which will
      > take several decades (not unlike old, unmarked
      > gravesites that can be spotted a century later due
      > to the sunken earth). The pipes you are speaking of
      > underneath the landfill are for draining the
      > leachate, for one of the natural byproducts of
      > anaerobic decomposition is water (although not
      > anything you'd want to drink!). The other primary
      > byproduct is methane, also known as "natural gas."
      > Many closed landfills (if they were built correctly)
      > can be mined for several decades after closure for
      > the natural gas they produce --- a closed municipal
      > landfill can be good for several mW of power if
      > "tapped" correctly.
      > It was clearly wrong of the City of Richmond (or
      > perhaps the gov't of Henrico County -- whoever owned
      > and operated the landfill) to sell it for private
      > real estate after closure -- UNLESS they fully
      > disclosed the hazards and risks of building there in
      > the real-estate closing statements, in which case
      > "caveat emptor" would have to apply. And since
      > you've sold real estate before, I'm sure you're
      > familiar w/ that lil' Latin phrase!
      > Know you and all others attending the PCFR reunion
      > will have a good time and perhaps learn a new thing
      > or two about our ancestors. See if you can come
      > upon any more clues about the father of Robert
      > Forbes (1789-1845) who married Gracey Tyson, from
      > which your line springs. I believe his father was
      > Charles Forbes and his grandfather was John Forbes,
      > the Deputy Surveyor-General d.~1750, who was also my
      > 4-gr-grfather and would make us something like 5th
      > cousins - just looking for a few more pieces of
      > solid evidence to tie those lines together...
      > Bob Forbes
      > bforbes@...
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Carol Singh
      > To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
      > Cc: Carol B. Singh
      > Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 8:03 PM
      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] My point of view
      > Dear Bob,
      > In reviewing my e-mails prior to heading out on
      > Thursday for Greenville for the Pitt County Family
      > Researcher's Reunion, I came across our
      > discussions of
      > "exclusive" and other trendy terms that mean
      > whatever
      > the writer intended them to mean. Therefore, the
      > meaning may depend upon the reader being
      > "in-the-know"
      > when it comes to any given writer.
      > "Exclusive" is alive and well in Richmond,
      > Virginia. Every time I see the commercial about
      > Digga
      > the Dematophite or the Shreck-like, mucousy green
      > creature in the ad plugging an over-the-counter
      > allergy medication, I am thinking, "There goes the
      > neighborhood!"
      > The latest "there goes" here has come about
      > because
      > of the drenching we received here last week.
      > It caused the third flooding of a neighborhood
      > near
      > mine on the Northside, Battery Park. The area has
      > quite literally lived up to its name, having been
      > battered from three consecutive soakings in less
      > than
      > two months.
      > The Times-Dispatch over the weekend had an article
      > giving the background of the area and the reason
      > for
      > the flooding. The neighborhood began as a landfill
      > in
      > 1940 and was abandoned around 1980. Subsequently,
      > a
      > subdivision was built over the landfill, which is
      > some
      > 90 feet deep. At the bottom of this pit are the
      > sewage
      > pipes which need replacing.
      > Initially, the discussion centered upon replacing
      > these pipes. Then someone pointed out that digging
      > them up was likely to result in a sink hole the
      > likes
      > of which nobody wants to see.
      > In the meanwhile, 174 homes have been evacuated
      > because of sewage filling the yards and basements.
      > Additionally, the City condemned 74 of these homes
      > following the first flooding a couple of months
      > ago.
      > Guess what? The federal government has refused to
      > help these people. The governor has appealed the
      > decision, only to be turned down again.
      > Some readers writing in to the Times-Dispatch do
      > not think that the federal government ought to
      > pay.
      > Some think the State should pay. Some think the
      > City
      > should pay.
      > The State does not think it should pay. The City
      > does not think it should pay.
      > Everybody appears to be hoping that the problem
      > will simply disappear. That builds a case for
      > digging
      > up the pipes and letting the sink hole swallow up
      > the
      > mess.
      > The neighborhood in question is predominantly
      > black
      > as in New Orleans. Some people are calling it
      > Richmond's Katrina.
      > Richmond rallied around Katrina with citizens from
      > all walks of life busing themselves to New Orleans
      > to
      > give hands-on assistance to individual homeowners.
      > Strange, isn't it, that nobody in Richmond has
      > rallied
      > around Battery Park.
      > In the meantime, the City is openly discussing how
      > to use $63,000,000 it set aside for a Performing
      > Arts
      > Center that never materialized. Need anyone ask
      > what
      > Richmond should do with that money when we have
      > law-abiding, tax-paying citizens homeless through
      > no
      > fault of their own. The City, by the way, has
      > acknowledged responsibility for having allowed
      > houses
      > to be built over that landfill, but it denies
      > having
      > funds to compensate the homeowners.
      > To paraphrase the song, it's a strange world after
      > all.
      > Later, Carol
      > --- Bob Forbes <bforbes@...> wrote:
      > > Trish & all PC friends & relatives - Really
      > > 'preciate the kind, personal
      > > thoughts. As to some of my own posts, I humbly
      > > accept the "ridiculous"
      > > characterization, but certainly mean no
      > disrespect
      > > to no one! Will endeavor
      > > to put a lid on it ... mostly... as much as I
      > can.
      > > Just don't let Carol get
      > > me started again... she's the real
      > troublemaker:)
      > > Y'all have a nice day!
      > > ----- Original Message -----
      > > From: "Trish Worthington Cobb"
      > <turniproots@...>
      > > To: <genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com>
      > > Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 11:33 PM
      > > Subject: [genpcncfir] My point of view
      > >
      > >
      > > >
      > > > Friends,
      > > >
      > > > I feel the need to voice my view, out of
      > respect
      > > to all the good
      > > > members of this list and out of respect to
      > > Jewelle, our kind and
      > > > generous "list mother" (who is truly a jewel
      > of a
      > > person).
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > To Carol and Bob:
      > > >
      > > > Your stories are interesting and entertaining.
      > I
      > > have created "Carol"
      > > > and "Bob" folders in which I save many of the
      > > interesting and special
      > > > stories. I have learned much colorful, local
      > > history from Bob. From
      > > > my cousin Carol, I have learned about members
      > of
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