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Re: [genpcncfir] Forbes of Beaufort/Pitt Counties, NC

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Bob, Amen, brother! I can relate to that! Of course, no pun intended. Thanks for bringing the sunshine into my day. It s always a pleasure to read your
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2006
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      Dear Bob,
      Amen, brother! I can relate to that! Of course, no
      pun intended.
      Thanks for bringing the sunshine into my day. It's
      always a pleasure to read your e-mails.
      Later, Carol

      --- Bob Forbes <bforbes@...> wrote:

      > Trish - Thanks for the info on Sallie Forbes
      > Rountree etc. below. I have
      > filed it with considerable other info that Betty
      > Wall has sent me lately on
      > land transactions by Forbes family in 1700's and
      > 1800's, trusting one day I
      > will connect the dots on all these Forbes folk of
      > Pitt County whom I have
      > little to no doubt were all related. I have some
      > pretty plausible theories,
      > based primarily on the repetition of given names and
      > names that show up
      > together in land transactions, that this Sallie
      > Forbes and many others of
      > her surname in the late 1700's/early 1800's were
      > connected to Forbes men of
      > a generation or two earlier who show up around Bath
      > Towne in the 1730's and
      > 1740's -- those men being Benjamin, John & William
      > Forbes. Benjamin Forbes
      > and John Forbes of that generation both died around
      > 1750, but not before
      > they had each acquired considerable land in "upland
      > Beaufort County" at that
      > time, and what is now of course Pitt County.
      > Meanwhile, William Forbes moved
      > down to New Hanover County and then up the Cape Fear
      > River a ways near
      > Fayetteville, but he apparently died in New Bern
      > without issue.
      > I think that most of our Pitt County Forbes folk
      > descend from either John
      > Forbes, who was a Deputy Surveyor in NC for a decade
      > or so and also Clerk of
      > Bath County for awhile--- or Benjamin, who may have
      > been his brother and was
      > apparently a merchant and ship's captain who decided
      > to retire and settle in
      > Bath, purchasing a lot in town and a small
      > plantation outside of town, as
      > was the custom of the time. For reasons I can't get
      > into right now, I think
      > that my 3-gr-grandfather Arthur Forbes had brothers
      > named Joseph, John, and
      > that those 3 were sons of the earlier John Forbes,
      > the surveyor and county
      > clerk. Meanwhile, Benjamin Forbes the merchant had
      > sons named Charles and
      > Clement, and maybe another John. I believe that's
      > the line that your Robert
      > Forbes who married Gracey Tyson descends --
      > producing a line of Greenville
      > merchants as you know.
      > BTW, yDNA testing has connected a number of us
      > descended from these lines,
      > but we haven't found a male descended from your
      > Robert who is willing to be
      > tested yet.. If you can locate one who's interested
      > (has to be a male who
      > claims paternal Forbes descendancy), let me know!
      > PS - I had to laugh about your remark on Forbes
      > marriages appearing intended
      > to "keep land within the family." Indeed, the deeds
      > and marriage records of
      > this line would have you believe that was the
      > primary motivation for most of
      > the marriages, for a couple hundred years at least!
      > Bob Forbes
      > bforbes@...
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: "Trish Worthington Cobb" <turniproots@...>
      > To: <genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006 10:59 AM
      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Sallie Forbes Rountree...
      > Bob,
      > I hope you can find Sallie Forbes' family and
      > confirm it. I have
      > never been satisfied with the information I have had
      > on her.
      > I have had a problem of how Sallie Forbes fits in
      > the Barrow family,
      > but it does look as if she is the Sally Forbes named
      > in the
      > depositions of the BENTLEY vs. FORBES case, but
      > figuring out the
      > relationships of everyone mentioned there is
      > confusing, to say the
      > least.
      > Bob, please bear with me as I attempt to understand
      > this. I am not
      > sure my brain is working at its peak, so if my logic
      > is skewed,
      > please point it out to me.
      > I have only seen the abstracts. I have not seen the
      > actual
      > documents. I hope I have not made any critical
      > typos.
      > ?Abstract of NC Supreme Court Case # 301: BENTLEY
      > vs. FORBES, no
      > date - Pitt County.
      > Luke BENTLEY, Whitney NICHOLS, and wife Mary, Ben
      > BENTLEY (admin. of
      > Elizabeth BENTLEY), John BENTLEY, Mark BENTLEY,
      > Matthew BENTLEY
      > versus Benjamin FORBES, Robert R. GWALTNEY, and wife
      > Polly, William
      > ROUNTREE and wife Sally, Honour BARROW.
      > —Tapley BENTLEY (died Pitt County in Sept. 1796)
      > married Elizabeth
      > _____ (died June 1, 1797). Tapley was poor and had
      > little property,
      > a few cattle, hogs and two horses at his death. He
      > left five small
      > children:
      > 1) Luke BENTLEY,
      > 2) Mary BENTLEY, md. age 20 to Whitney NICHOLS,
      > 3) John BENTLEY, died 1811,
      > 4) Mark BENTLEY, died Aug. 1804,
      > 5) Matthew BENTLEY, died under age 21.
      > ?The will of Tapley BENTLEY was proved by Benjamin
      > BARROW, executor.
      > ?Thomas BENTLEY'S mother (also the mother of Tapley
      > BENTLEY) stayed
      > with the children for one year after the death of
      > Tapley. He left
      > provision for the children's support.
      > ?The children's grandmother stayed with the
      > children until the day
      > of the estate sale. Then John BENTLEY took the two
      > smallest children
      > and old Benjamin BARROW took the rest of the
      > children. After 18
      > months, John BENTLEY broke up house and moved to the
      > southward. He
      > took the two smallest children to Mr. BARROW. John
      > BENTLEY was paid
      > $60.00 at Holland JOHNSON'S Shop for keeping the two
      > children. While
      > at BARROW'S, Mark and Luke BENTLEY ran away
      > together, but Luke returned.
      > ?Amy HANDCOCK took in Mark BENTLEY and he died at
      > her house and was
      > buried there.
      > ?Benjamin BARROW clothed and boarded the five
      > children of Tapley
      > BENTLEY for 18 months and he had a great deal of
      > trouble with them.
      > After that, two died and two, John and Mary (Polly)
      > BENTLEY, were
      > bound out apprentice.
      > ?John BENTLEY was apprenticed by Benjamin BARROW to
      > Richard BALDREE
      > at age 6 or 7. John BENTLEY died at house of
      > Richard BALDREE at age
      > 13 or 14.
      > ?Mrs. Mathiah BRILEY kept Polly BENTLEY. William
      > NICHOLS says Mary
      > (Polly) BENTLEY was no older than 20 when she
      > married Whitney NICHOLS.
      > ?Honour married Benjamin BARROW (he died in 1808)
      > and she remarried
      > and removed to Tennessee.
      > ?The will of Benjamin BARROW of Pitt County was
      > dated Sept. 5, 1807
      > and probated August term 1808. He left legacies to
      > wife Honor;
      > grandson Benjamin FORBES; granddaughters Polly and
      > Sally FORBES.
      > ?Polly FORBES married Robert GWALTNEY.
      > ?Sally FORBES married William ROUNTREE (died by
      > Dec. 1827).
      > ?Benjamin FORBES removed out of state.
      > ?Depositions of (1822) John W. VINSON, Lacy ROBSON,
      > Amy HANDCOCK,
      > Richard BALDREE, William TAYLOR, Penny EVERETT,
      > Lydia NICHOLS, Sarah
      > JOYNER (widow of Abraham), Delitha VINSON (widow of
      > James), Charles
      > JENKINS, William MAYS, William MOORE, Simon KEEL,
      > Whitney NICHOLS.
      > Source: Abstract of Supreme Court Case # 301
      > [BENTLEY vs. FORBES] no
      > date - Pitt County, Pitt County Genealogical
      > Quarterly, Vol. II, No.
      > 2, May 1995, pp. 5-6 and Vol. II, No. 3, August
      > 1995, pp. 1-2
      > What perplexes me the most about this case is this:
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