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Re: [genpcncfir] Some thoughts on the Indian Wars, and the Weather, of course...

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Bob, Well-stated, as usual. As one popular song has it, Yesterday s gone, and tomorrow may never be mine. Give me today what I need today, one day at a
    Message 1 of 15 , Sep 5, 2006
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      Dear Bob,
      Well-stated, as usual. As one popular song has it,
      "Yesterday's gone, and tomorrow may never be mine.
      Give me today what I need today, one day at a time."
      For the rest, if we chose to recount it, I feel
      sure that every single one of us could recall an
      incident where somebody hurt us or our feelings and
      mark that as the turn-for-the-worse in our fortunes.
      Still, I'd follow Mama's example.
      "Get up. Dust off your britches, and keep going.
      Anything can be a stumbling block or a stepping
      stone. It's what you make it."
      Later, Carol

      --- Bob Forbes <bforbes@...> wrote:

      > Catherine - Your 'expertise' characterization of my
      > meanderings flatters me, but thanks for reading my
      > post about this interesting and tragic period in
      > NC's early history. I will be interested to read a
      > copy of your paper once submitted, as well as your
      > review of the book you found on the Southern Band of
      > Tuscarora's website. I have looked around the
      > website some and am a bit amazed at the level of
      > feelings and even personal resentments expressed
      > there about the actions of some of our ancestors 300
      > years ago.
      > Fighting for various reasons (mostly over land but
      > often just for revenge) was a way of life among the
      > Indians long before European colonists arrived. The
      > colonial leaders recognized the tension between
      > different Indian groups and figured (correctly in
      > most cases) that they could slowly take the land
      > without losing many settlers' lives, simply by
      > taking advantage of long-running hostilities that
      > were already in place, and continuing to pit one
      > group of Indians against another. With the exception
      > of the few times that Indians banded together to
      > strike at the colonists (such as the 1711 massacre
      > and others), the Colonial and US Indian strategies
      > worked pretty well. Indians could certainly put
      > together a dominant force during the sporadic
      > occasions that they did agree to fight together,
      > however, right on through the late 1800's. For proof
      > of that, just take a brief look back at Custer's
      > Last Stand...
      > Our ancestors on both the American Indian and
      > European sides (and many of us w/ old roots on
      > American soil have both sides in our blood whether
      > we know it or not) did pretty much what they had to
      > do to survive. In most cases, that meant fighting
      > for the land that provided their only source of
      > food, shelter, and income. I don't have a lot of
      > patience with groups of minorities who feel they are
      > owed compensation or renumeration for the choices
      > our ancestors made a couple of hundred years ago.
      > Granted, many of their acts were indeed atrocious,
      > but seems to me that no single group of people had a
      > monopoly on atrocities... they were committed by
      > all.
      > I will agree it's been pretty much a rule throughout
      > history, though, that whatever group of people is
      > dominant at any given time generally creates the
      > most atrocities during that time. In the case of our
      > European ancestors who came to America, that meant
      > breaking many treaties that were made with the
      > Indians. We've tried to compensate for our guilt in
      > those cases with political acts of favoritism today.
      > In return for the white man's history of breaking
      > treaties, for example, we give Indian tribes
      > monopolies on gambling casinos in lots of places,
      > along with various other concessions. Tit for tat, I
      > suppose. But when all's said & done, I trust we
      > remember that we're all Americans first and
      > foremost.
      > Will end this one with the most universal of all
      > topics (well, maybe the 2nd most;-), that being the
      > weather. Many of us in the SE US are getting a mite
      > wet today, courtesy of TS (and maybe little
      > Hurricane, before it's over) Ernesto. We've already
      > had some flash-flooding in the Charlotte area from
      > the first rain band that came thru last night, and
      > there will likely be a couple more later today.
      > Latest satellite look at Accuweather.com (7 AM 8/31)
      > shows Ernesto tightening right back into a classical
      > cyclone shape as he settles over the Gulf Stream
      > east of Jacksonville, FL, before heading north, and
      > bound to get a little stronger before visiting
      > eastern NC tonight - likely near Wilmington and not
      > far from another Jacksonville. Folks from that area
      > and due north thru the eastern seaboard are going to
      > get drenched.... so let's pick up the trash, clear
      > the storm drains, bring in the lawn furniture, and
      > get ready for a soaking!
      > Bob Forbes
      > bforbes@...
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      > From: Catherine
      > To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 1:58 PM
      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Tuscarora Indian War of
      > 1711-13
      > Thank you so much Bob for listing your favorite
      > sources. That will be a big
      > help! I loved reading your summary of events and
      > had no idea that my
      > request would be answered by someone with such
      > expertise! I am ever so
      > grateful. I will send you a copy of my paper once
      > I have completed it.
      > I found the Lawson journal is available though my
      > college library as an
      > e-book and that will be a big help. I am also
      > purchasing a book that I
      > found through the Southern Band of Tuscarora's web
      > site called
      > "Onkwehonweh-the first people-Tuscarora". If you
      > have not seen this book,
      > then I will be glad to give you a review of it
      > once I have seen it.
      > I will try to get the North Carolina Indian book
      > through interlibrary loan.
      > Thank you so much for giving me such a great
      > start!
      > Catherine
      > .
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