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Re: [genpcncfir] another "old time" movie star

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Faye, Poor old Joseph Cotten. I regret, too, that his appearance on Johnny Carson spoiled him for you by revealing his common humanity. Sometimes I
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2006
      Dear Faye,
      Poor old Joseph Cotten. I regret, too, that his
      appearance on "Johnny Carson" spoiled him for you by
      revealing his common humanity.
      Sometimes I myself became ill at ease watching
      that show because I felt, especially during the tenure
      of some of Johnny's "hosts" who starred during his
      I always thought, and still do by the way, that
      humor is something other than embarrassing one's
      guests. To my way of thinking, a talk-show host should
      first and foremost put his guest(s) at ease. Second,
      he should be gracious. Third, he should never indulge
      in humor at the expense of his guest or at the expense
      of anyone else.
      Of course, it depends upon how one feels about
      humor. Human foibles are funny. The peculiar foibles
      of any one of us are not so funny because the comedy
      comes at the cost of someone else's self-worth.
      I remember in particular one guest hostess on
      Johnny's show whose subject was Queen Elizabeth II.
      Whatever one might personally feel about royalty in
      general or Queen Elizabeth II in particular, the
      remarks were in poor taste--the best one could say of
      the matter and I was only a child.
      The same goes for not letting a politician or
      other public figure caught with his foot in his mouth
      live it down.
      If I saw Joseph Cotten on "Johnny Cash," I do not
      remember it. Of course, there is the other side of the
      story and the other side of "Johnny" and of Johnny
      himself. At times, the guest was "playing to" Johnny's
      lead. Sometimes, it was really hard to tell when the
      guest and Johnny were being "straight" with each other
      and when they were hamming it up.
      It is very possible that Joseph Cotten and Johnny
      were actually "hamming it up" during this particular
      episode and that, for whatever reason, it didn't work.
      That's another problem with humor. It's also a concern
      anytime a person appears onstage, the more so if it is
      If one goofs, the other will usually try to cover
      it. Sometimes, though, that leads to a worse outcome
      than simply letting the goof slide and going on with
      one's own lines.
      The one who goofs can and usually will get back
      in step. Once correction and counter-correction
      begins, though, nobody knows where anyone else is
      because now everybody is "live" and unrehearsed!
      Later, Carol

      --- jonefa <jonefa@...> wrote:

      > Another old time movie star, Joseph Cotten, once
      > visited Wilson, NC.
      > I read that his great aunt lived in a house where
      > the BBT bank is located on Nash Street.
      > Telling my age, but many, many years ago, I liked
      > his movies, and later, even reruns and reruns of his
      > movies. His image for me was tarnished, however, by
      > an appearance he made on the Johnny Carson show one
      > night.
      > He seemed to be uncomfortable, and Johnny Carson
      > spoke to him about his apparent uneasiness. At that
      > time, he made the statement that he was suffering
      > from "gas."
      > He lost his movie star status for me that night.
      > After all, movie stars "don't have gas!" : )
      > I could never watch a rerun of one his movies again
      > without remembering that remark.
      > Faye Hays
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