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Re: [genpcncfir] Re: Indian village on Forbes plantation

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Faye & Bob, It s really amazing where our children s school assignments can lead, isn t it? My own daughter s seventh grade Family Tree assignment was
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 5, 2006
      Dear Faye & Bob,
      It's really amazing where our children's school
      assignments can lead, isn't it?
      My own daughter's seventh grade "Family Tree"
      assignment was what got me started. Of course, I was
      planning some day to "look into" my family since my
      own knowledge did not extend much beyond my
      grandparents on either side.
      We've kept that "Tree." I had helped Fern piece it
      together from what Mama had told me over the years
      since I had grown-up. Finally, I made my mind up that
      I was not going to drop the subject the next time I
      found her in the mood to discuss family until I
      learned what I wanted to know.
      Even then, I did not get the relationships of the
      McGowans, Moores, and Worthingtons within each family
      line. I never did know, for example, who were the
      parents of my great grandfather Lemuel McGowan nor the
      names of any of his brothers and sisters or even if he
      had had any. I since discovered that all of her life,
      I addressed one "aunt" as "cousin."
      At the very least, my doing so must have made her
      wonder though, bless her, she always treated me as if
      I were the most precious treasure on earth, inviting
      me to come sit by her chair next to the heater. We
      spent many an hour side by side talking away an
      That "Family Tree," though changed my life.
      Without it, I never would have known any of you or the
      members of the Pitt County Family Researchers.
      When a teacher gives an assignment, she never
      knows where it will lead or the effect it would have
      on other lives.
      Later, Carol

      --- Bob Forbes <bforbes@...> wrote:

      > Faye - I know there is a connection between your
      > Arthur Forbes b.
      > 1774 who moved from Pitt to Edgecombe County, and my
      > 3-gr-
      > grandfather Arthur Forbes (c.1745-1823) who lived on
      > the same
      > plantation in Beaufort/Pitt County all his life. It
      > was not a
      > father-son connection because we know all about my
      > 3-gr-grandfather
      > Arthur's two families from his Bible record. I
      > strongly suspect it
      > was an uncle-nephew connection (according to naming
      > conventions of
      > the time), and several of us believe the father of
      > your Arthur
      > Forbes b.1774 was Clement, John, or Joseph Forbes --
      > all suspected
      > brothers of Arthur. This is all part of a confusing
      > maze of Forbes
      > men from Beaufort & Pitt Counties in the mid-to-late
      > 1700's that
      > several of us are working diligently on to establish
      > the kinship
      > connections, determined to figure them out sooner or
      > later. We've
      > amassed a huge database of deeds, etc. on the
      > subject, and it still
      > remains a big intellectual challenge.
      > I cannot absolutely confirm any connections of our
      > Forbes branch to
      > Tuscarora Indians by bloodlines (although I strongly
      > suspect it),
      > but I know it's a fact that my earliest Forbes
      > ancestors who came
      > over from Scotland in the 1600's were traders with
      > the Indians, and
      > that trading activity continued well into the early
      > 1800's. As I
      > think you've aptly noted before, most of these guys
      > were single men
      > when they ventured to America, they spent most of
      > their time trading
      > with the Indians, and they had a need for female
      > companionship. But
      > hardly any of them left written records. John
      > Lawson was a very
      > literary exception to that code of silence, and his
      > journal gives
      > some insight into these types of relationships early
      > on. So as I've,
      > native American genes are suspected in many of our
      > bloodlines, just
      > very hard to prove for most of us...
      > One other thing for now... I'd really appreciate any
      > more info you
      > have on the Arthur Forbes b.1774 from Edgecombe
      > County whom you
      > mention below, esp. from his early life so we can
      > establish
      > connection with the older Forbes line we know about.
      > Thanks,
      > Bob Forbes
      > bforbes@...
      > --- In genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com, "jonefa"
      > <jonefa@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Thanks so very much for this information! I have
      > long suspected
      > that Arthur Forbes born abt 1774 who lived on Cole's
      > Mill Road, in
      > Township 10, near the Pitt County line, tied into
      > this family. His
      > daughter, Betsy, married Bennett Webb. His
      > granddaughter, Addie
      > Forbes married Kinniard Webb.
      > > My grandson, 11, is so very excited about having
      > Indians in his
      > family tree. He is blonde, young, and told his
      > English class last
      > year he was a Tuscarora Indian. Being blonde, he
      > said they didn't
      > believe him. : ( But he is very excited about
      > knowing about this
      > connection! His booklets will be minis because he
      > wouldn't be
      > interested in a long detailed family line. I have
      > already made one
      > on the Ava Gardner connection for him. I try to make
      > his history
      > interesting for him.
      > > I want to make a special booklet presentation on
      > the Indian
      > connection for him that he can share with his
      > classes. All help
      > will be greatly appreciated.
      > >
      > > Thanks for the help.
      > >
      > > Faye
      > >
      > >

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