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Fw: Aug HGS Meeting 10 Aug 06 special event & some books Snow Hill NC

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  • Jewelle Baker
    ... From: Martha Marble Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 6:13 PM Subject: Aug HGS Meeting special event & some books ... give those ... and ... Co. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2006
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      From: "Martha Marble"
      Sent: Friday, August 04, 2006 6:13 PM
      Subject: Aug HGS Meeting special event & some books

      > The Heritage Genealogical Society will hold its Aug meeting at the Snow
      > Hill Museum in Greene Co N.C. from 7 to 9 on August 10. This should
      give those
      > people who have not been to the Museum a chance for a tour as Mike Edge
      > others have worked hard to make this an outstanding addition to Greene
      > The Museum is located on the main street a block from the courthouse.
      > Ossie and Mary Betty Kearney have invited the members to tour the
      > W. Best Bed and Breakfast outside of Snow Hill before the meeting. This
      > home is on the National Historic Registry and was built ca 1845 - 50 and
      > the Kearney's have done a first class job on their restoration. You can
      > see a picture of the home at their website
      > http://www.bbonline.com/nc/benjaminwbest/
      > We greatly appreciate their invitation as some of us saw it on the
      > Co tour several years ago when they had just started. We will leave the
      > Museum at exactly 4:45 pm to go to the home together to eliminate some
      > the cars. Mike said there is plenty of parking on the street to leave
      > On the way back, most of us plan to stop and get a bit of supper/dinner
      > Stricklands before the meeting starts.
      > Guests are always welcome at our meetings.
      > The July issue of Heritage Trail contains Jones Co Civil War Pension
      > Records, the Kilpatrick/House Bible of Greene Co and Part 2 of selected
      > Lenoir Co Deed Abstracts from Book 1. There will be at least 5 parts
      > of Book 1 and Book 2 is shaping up to be almost as long. There are far
      > more re-registered deeds than expected in Book 2 and there continues to
      > numerous deeds that refer back to earlier deeds. Jackie includes an
      > which is most welcome and she is doing an outstanding job on the
      > Off the subject of genealogy but a little on history, if you will permit
      > me. List member, Ila Grey's other half, Tom Lewis, has published his
      > novel entitled "Sunday's Child" and he is having a book signing in
      Kinston, N.C.
      > on August 12 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at The Book Depot at Vernon Park
      > To read about the book go to Tom's site
      > http://www.tomelewis.com/
      > The book is NC based and there is a lot of historical information in it
      > including the Pea Island Life Saving Station that was completely run by
      > African Americans. I learned there was a German POW camp in New Bern
      > during WW II as well as other places in eastern NC. It is always nice to
      > support our list members in their "other lives". Congratulations to Ila
      > Gey and to Tom and I hope to see some of you at the signing.
      > Also for those of you really into history, politics and religion, Joe
      > Creech has finally published his book entitled "Righteous Indignation"
      > which is a study of Populism and he has tied it into religion,
      > the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ. One of the chapters is on
      > Marion Mewborne who lived and died in Lenoir Co. As I recall, Joe said
      > Creech family was originally from Greene Co. I have not read the entire
      > book but have it ordered. Joe did send me a copy of a draft on this
      > 5 years ago and I found it extremely interesting and informative on a
      > period of our area I know little about.
      > Hope everyone is staying cool during this heat.
      > Martha
      The above should prove very interesting and informative to all of
      members within driving distance of Snow Hill, N.C. Hope to see you there.

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