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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Linda, That has been my experience too. Some did have the meetings, but some didn t either. I think, whatever might have been the case when these churches
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      Dear Linda,
      That has been my experience too. Some did have the
      meetings, but some didn't either. I think, whatever
      might have been the case when these churches were
      established, that churches were free to some extent to
      adapt their practices to the needs of their
      I found the same true in both North Carolina and in
      Virginia. Some made a to-do over the quarterly
      meetings, as if they were an important watermark in
      the annual calendar, and some never even metioned
      Here in Virginia, the smaller churches were more
      likely to have them than the large, urban churches.
      To turn the topic to another aspect of these
      churches, in my rambles through the countryside here,
      I came across a lovely primitive Baptist Church
      perched on a hill overlooking an interstate. From the
      angle at which I was viewing it as I was driving, it
      was possible to imagine it a pioneer church of another
      century. At that angle, the view of the interstate was
      occluded, and one saw only the church in the midst of
      the meadow, a rectangular, white, one-story wood
      structure surrounded on three sides by a stand of pine
      trees. Since I never pass it during services, it is
      always quiet.
      Later, Carol

      --- LdMel1@... wrote:

      > Not all FWB churches were the same. We never had
      > quarterly meeting and don't remember ever having
      > them.
      > I think differant locations had their own ways back
      > then.
      > Have a blessed day
      > Linda
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      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Gum Swamp Church
      > Evelyn,
      > Isn't it interesting some of the things they thought
      > were so sinful. I've heard
      > it said that the Baptists are opposed to sex
      > education because it might lead to
      > dancing !
      > Tracy
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      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Gum Swamp Church
      > Tracy,
      > The FWB church still holds what they call
      > "Quarterly Meeting." I don't belong
      > to that church, but the one in Saratoga was directly
      > across the street from my
      > grandmother's house. In fact, a few years ago I sold
      > her house to the church.
      > They tore down the house and are using the land for
      > a parking lot.
      > They also have "Yearly Meetings." They usually
      > have a dinner after the service
      > and then an afternoon service following the dinner.
      > Yes, they are very strict then. I don't know how
      > they are now. My older
      > brother told me one instance of two spinster sisters
      > in another town being
      > excommunicated because they went to a dance on
      > Saturday night.
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      > From: Tracy Stancil
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      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Gum Swamp Church
      > About 2 or 3 years ago I went down to Mount Olive
      > in hopes of finding old Gum
      > Swamp Church records. I did find some old
      > minutes,but the earliest began in the
      > late 1870's or early 1880's if memory serves
      > correctly. They were on microfilm
      > only and were the most difficult thing I have ever
      > tried to decipher. The
      > microfilm quality was poor , and the penmanship left
      > a lot to be desired as
      > well. Some parts were completely illegible. The
      > sections that I was able to make
      > out revealed no family relationships at all. I had
      > hoped to find listings of
      > marriages and births, but nothing of that nature was
      > found.
      > Apparently there were several area churches that
      > held some kind of joint
      > meetings once each quarter back in those days. The
      > most frequent finding in the
      > minutes were names of one or two members who were
      > appointed to attend the next
      > quarterly meeting as representatives of Gum Swamp.
      > There were also occasional
      > requests for letters of dismissal which I presume to
      > mean that the person in
      > question was either moving away all together or
      > changing membership to another
      > church in the area. At one point in the later 1880's
      > a large number of people
      > left the church all at one time, but no explanation
      > was given. The only other
      > thing of note in those minutes was surprising to me.
      > Apparently this church was
      > very strict , almost Puritanical it seemed, as -
      > from time to time - they would
      > bring specific members before the church on charges
      > of un-Christian conduct.
      > People were actually expelled from the church if
      > another member discovered that
      > they drank alcohol. Other indiscretions were also
      > mentio
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      > From: Bill Kittrell
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      > Subject: [genpcncfir] Gum Swamp Church
      > Source: PCGQ Feb 2001, records found in William R.
      > Perkins Library at Duke
      > University Collection #3988 Rare Book Manuscript by
      > Allen Churchill.
      > Gum Swamp Membership of 1845 and 1851.
      > NOTE: None of the Peebles family was found.
      > There were numberous Spains, Pollards, Stancills,
      > Clarks, Randolphs, Teels,
      > Parkers
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