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Re: [genpcncfir] Fw: Immediate HELP needed!!

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  • Rhet Wilkinson
    One of our group gave me the email address of Roy Sawyer of Currituck County. I corresponded with him for a year or so and then his email got changed and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2006
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      One of our group gave me the email address of Roy Sawyer of Currituck County. I corresponded with him for a year or so and then his email got changed and swampratt@... doesn't work any more. If the person who put me in contact with Roy to start with has his new address he /she could forward this to him since he would be interested in preventing this injustice. I was corresponding with Roy about the Forbes family of Currituck county. Rhet
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      From: Jewelle Baker
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      Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 1:47 PM
      Subject: [genpcncfir] Fw: Immediate HELP needed!!

      Hello Group......
      Unfortunately...... this happens more than we realize.....
      thought the below information would be of interest to our dynamic Group.
      Have a good weekend...

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      From: "Kay M Sheppard" <genie12@...>
      Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 8:51 PM
      Subject: Immediate HELP needed!!

      > Hi Currituck Researchers--
      > It was brought to the attention of Ben Bateman that a small legal notice
      was placed on the back pages in a recent Coastland Times (Manteo, NC)
      newspaper that reads:
      > Notice is hereby given, pursuant to N.C.G.S. 65-13, that Jeffery A.
      Baxter intends to disinter and remove, on or before May 13, 2006, one or
      more graves located on the property described as Lot 14A in Block 3, Section
      2 of the Martin's Point Subdivision and as shown on plat cabinet E, slide 66
      in the Dare County Registry. The headstones for the graves read as follows:
      1) "In Memory Of Mary Gallop, Wife of Willis Gallop, who died October 12,
      1848, Aged 73 Years," and 2) "In Memory Of Willis Gallop, who died October
      20, 1848, Aged 81 Years and 21 Days." All interested persons should contact
      Wyatt M. Booth, Attorney at (252) 261-5055 or send inquires to P.O. Box 2,
      Kitty Hawk, NC 27948.
      > This cemetery was previously located in Currituck County before Dare
      County took in that section of land. Ben (a descendant of Willis & Mary)
      took the initiative and called everyone that he knew might be interested in
      the plight of these graves. On Monday, May 3, the family descendants met
      with Roy Smith, President of the Martin's Point Association, and John
      Finelli who is in charge of the Martin's Point Marina. It appears that the
      association is in agreement with the family that Willis and Mary Gallop
      should NOT be disinterred. Ben and Judy Brickhouse have spent untold hours
      in the Currituck & Dare County courthouses looking up wills, deeds and
      mapping plats. It appears that although the cemetery is not mentioned in
      the actual property transfers, the maps are always mentioned. They copied
      most of what they thought to be important. Later, the mapping department for
      Dare County suggested that they have one map certified.... it appears that
      the Land Surveyor lied, had a ma!
      > p notarized that was not accurate... but, once recorded, even if it is
      in error, it is valid. They downsized the cemetery from 9,338 s.f. to 468
      s.f. Prior to this map being recorded, the lot at Martin's Point was not
      buildable... with the downsizing of the property Mr. Baxter has a buildable
      lot that he can sell if he subdivides.
      > The Dare County Board of Commissioners is holding an open meeting to the
      public to discuss this on May 15 in Manteo and attendance of the family and
      friends is requested...the more in attendance, the better the chance of
      saving this cemetery. I hope that anyone who can attend, will attend.
      Otherwise, Ben has requested that you send him e-mails at b2b@... to
      voice your displeasure at this atrocity. He will make sure that YOUR voice
      will be heard in this meeting through your e-mails. Time is of the essence
      so if you're interested in saving this cemetery let Ben know.
      > Kay Lynn

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