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[genpcfr] Pitt Co. Goodies for you

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  • Elizabeth Ross
    Hello Pitt and Neighboring County Family Researchers, (My network is back on line, so I ll hasten to post this news before it winks out again!) I m pleased to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 1999
      Hello Pitt and Neighboring County Family Researchers,

      (My network is back on line, so I'll hasten to post this news before it
      winks out again!)

      I'm pleased to announce that the PCFR website has a new Photo Album Page
      (2), and others are in the works. This page is filled with photos
      contributed by PCFR member Bill Kittrell. Thank you, Bill!

      I'm also pleased to announce that Resource Boards have been installed on the
      Pitt Co. ALHN website, so that those of you who have requested a way to
      contribute your transcriptions to on-line research may do so. I hope these
      boards (Wills, Bibles, Deeds, Obits., and Biographies) will encourage you to
      share those papers you've copied throughout the years! If you are new to the
      GenConnect posting system, read a few of the postings first, to get a
      feeling for the "action." One word of caution--columnar formats don't work
      well on these html (web) pages, because your browser doesn't recognize tabs
      or multiple spaces! If you aren't sure how to proceed, don't mind asking me
      for further tips. And read, and follow, the instructions on the boards,

      Full transcriptions of original documents (nothing copyrighted, please) are
      preferred over abstracts, but a good abstract of a rare document is
      acceptable! Please rest assured that anything you post on these
      web-facilities remains your property, and no one else can copyright it, or
      publish your body of work. The contents of documents in archival collections
      are public-domain, but your transcript of it is yours. If you want to add a
      brief annotation, that's okay, but make sure that the reader will not
      confuse it with the body of the original document. It's usually best NOT to
      annotate. And *always* state your source and its location so the reader can
      judge its authenticity. These boards offer a world-wide search engine, so
      you can use them to search for surnames on any board in the world! (By the
      way, you surnames you enter should only be those actually appearing in the
      transcribed document--not all the ones you are researching yourself!)

      Between the NCGenWeb, PCRF, and ALHN websites, Pitt County researchers have
      access to a growing store of rich documents. So don't depend on mail lists
      for all your information--go browse these sites and see what's already out
      there for you to find!

      Go look!

      PCFR Home Page:
      http://www.rootsweb.com/~ncpcfr/ (Look under On-Line Resources to find links
      to the Photo Album, and to the new Resource Boards.)

      ALHN, Pitt County:
      http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/1908/alhnpitt.htm (Resources)

      NCGenWeb Archives, Pitt:

      NCGenWeb County, Pitt:

      Pardon the length of this message--I'm just excited that these things be
      shared, and as easily as possible!

      Betsy Ross

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