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  • Betty Cobb Batchelor
    Saratoga High School, Saratoga, North Carolina Early 1920 to 1979 My father, H. Clyde Cobb, graduated from Saratoga about 1941. I do not remember seeing a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006
      Saratoga High School, Saratoga, North Carolina
      Early 1920' to 1979

      My father, H. Clyde Cobb, graduated from Saratoga about 1941. I do
      not remember seeing a year book from that period. When I started
      grade at Saratoga, the school appeared the same as it did when my
      daddy graduated. By the time I gratuated from Saratoga, there was a
      face lift to the front of the school, but much of the floor plan
      remained the same as the old early 1920' structure. When the school
      was demolished in the early 1980's I saved some of the bricks, which
      still use to day.

      The old teacher's house, which was on the campus, was moved and is a
      residence today on Rodgers Street. The home economice building,
      is a residence on Gardner Street. A few pieces of the playground
      equipment fron the 1950' are still in place on Gardner Street.
      Possibly the first Saratoga School was located on main street. The
      second school was built at the edge of town on Church Street. There
      is a residence on Church Street which was part of an old school, but
      I'm not sure if this was part of the old orginial school. The
      Saratoga School was built near the pay station for the plank road of
      the 1850. Today it is a vacant lot.

      Before Mrs. Dorothy Owens Skinner death, she had a card addressed to
      me with a picture taken at the back of the school with a few of her
      classmates. She graduated several years before daddy. She did not
      name the students and never completed her card to me. After her
      in October 2005, her nephew mailed me the card with a note ... "Aunt
      Dorothy had prepared this card and picture for you. I believe she
      probably was intending to write you a note and send it. Due to her
      being ill at the time she never completed it. I want to send this
      you from her with the hope that you will keep her in your
      I have contact with a few people who might remember the students, I
      will ask around. She graduated in the 1930's. I posted her orbit on
      the Edgecombe-Wilson-Nash-Halifax Yahoo group.

      I remember talk about the school fire in 1946. Daddy helped with the
      bucket brigade until help could arrive. I'm not sure if the files
      records were damaged? I do have a source for checking this.

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