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Re: [genpcncfir] Marriage Records

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  • billgaylearnold@cs.com
    In a message dated 2/27/2006 1:07:32 PM Central Standard Time, ... Carol - Thanks for your response. I ll begin first with your 3,000 Pitt County Brides.
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      In a message dated 2/27/2006 1:07:32 PM Central Standard Time,
      csinghworthington@... writes:
      > Dear Bill,
      > Your best hope is family Bible records and Levis
      > Allen Churchill's "3,000 Pitt County Brides," which I
      > own and which I will be happy to check for you. The
      > website of the Pitt County Family Researchers is
      > another option: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ncpcfr The
      > most complete web is that under links in the Resources
      > page where you will find the site of Lisa Scarola,
      > "Some Pitt County McGowans and Sermons." Other
      > information can be found under "On-line Resources"
      > from the Home Page of the pcfr These include Early
      > Marriage Records, Deed Notes and Daily Reflector Index
      > provided by Roger Kammerer, Pitt County Death Records,
      > and Cemetery Records.
      > I believe that Pitt County did not record
      > marriages before the late 1880's or 1890's, but I
      > could be wrong about that.
      > In any event, many of our researchers living in
      > Pitt are thoroughly knowledgeable about the dates
      > records were kept and will respond to us both with the
      > precise information. Later, Carol
      > --- billgaylearnold@... wrote:
      > >Is there an archive of marriage records in Pitt
      > >County for 1800 - 1805? I am
      > >looking for James Arnold who married about 1803.
      > >
      > >Bill Arnold
      > >Homewood, Alabama
      > >
      Carol - Thanks for your response. I'll begin first with your "3,000 Pitt
      County Brides." The first-born of my ancestor, James Arnold, were apparently
      twins, born in North Carolina in 1805. This would mean that James and his wife,
      Elizabeth, were probably married around 1803. We suspect that they were
      living in Pitt County at that time. Does your book help me with this? Bill

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