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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Dani, This selection is absolutely priceless and a very fitting tribute to our group. A friend of mine in graduate school is a poet. As a result of his
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2005
      Dear Dani,
      This selection is absolutely priceless and a very
      fitting tribute to our group.
      A friend of mine in graduate school is a poet. As
      a result of his service in Viet Nam, he wrote a "Night
      Before Christmas" rendition using the meter of Robert
      Service's "The Cremation of Sam McGee," the poem that
      got me hooked on poetry.
      I have never read a copy. Dick recited it to us
      one day, so I know only snippets. The poem was a real
      howl, so forgive my murder of my friend's art.
      The refrain goes something like this:
      "There are strange things done beneath the
      Vietnamese sun,
      but the night that locked my jaws was the night
      the Vietnamese moon when the Third Platoon gunned
      Santa Claus."

      The author is Richard Steel. Later, Carol

      --- Dani <doverton1@...> wrote:

      > Clear DayOkay, try this again, sorry, I havent't a
      > cup of coffee, yet. LOL Dani
      > This was just too good not to share with all my
      > cousins as we search
      > .......this came from another list I am on..
      > The "Census Taker"
      > It was the first day of census, and all through the
      > land;
      > The pollster was ready ........ a black book in
      > hand.
      > He mounted his horse for a long dusty ride;
      > His book and some quills were tucked close by his
      > side.
      > A long winding ride down a road barely there;
      > Toward the smell of fresh bread wafting up through
      > the air.
      > The woman was tired, with lines on her face;
      > And wisps of brown hair she tucked back into place.
      > She gave him some water ..... as they sat at the
      > table;
      > And she answered his questions ..... the best she
      > was able.
      > He asked of her children ..... Yes, she had quite a
      > few;
      > The oldest was twenty, the youngest not quite two.
      > She held up a toddler with cheeks round and red;
      > his sister, she whispered, was napping in bed.
      > She noted each person who lived there with pride;
      > And she felt the faint stirrings of the wee one
      > inside.
      > He noted the sex, the colour, the age ..
      > The marks from the quill soon filled up the page.
      > At the number of children, she nodded her head;
      > And saw her lips quiver for the three that were
      > dead.
      > The places of birth she "never forgot";
      > Was it Kansas? or Utah? Or Oregon ..... or not?
      > They came from Scotland, of that she was clear;
      > But she wasn't quite sure just how long they'd been
      > here.
      > They spoke of employment, of schooling and such;
      > They could read some and write some ..... though
      > really not much.
      > When the questions were answered, his job there was
      > done;
      > So he mounted his horse and he rode toward the sun.
      > We can imagine his voice loud and clear;
      > "May God Bless you all for another ten years."
      > Now picture a time warp ..... it's now you and me;
      > As we search for the people on our family tree.
      > We squint at the census and scroll down so slow;
      > As we search for that entry from long, long ago.
      > Could they only imagine on that long ago day;
      > That the entries they made would effect us this
      > way?
      > If they knew, would they wonder at the yearning we
      > feel;
      > And the searching that makes them so increasingly
      > real.
      > We can hear if we listen the words they impart;
      > Through their blood in our veins and their voices
      > in our heart.
      > Author Unknown
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