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Re: Skedaddle-Civil War Name Index

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    Skedaddle is an e-journal featuring Articles, Images, & More from Newspapers, Journals and Diaries, &c, of the American Civil War. The newly indexed
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2005
      Skedaddle" is an e-journal featuring "Articles, Images, & More from
      Newspapers, Journals and Diaries, &c, of the American Civil War." The newly
      indexed issue is available at
      All previous issues are currently available at
      As I get to them, I will be republishing previous issues with name indexes.
      The re-published issues will be located at
      Each new and re-published issue of "Skedaddle" will be provided to
      subscribers of the "Skedaddle" mailing list; with a free subscription
      available at http://www.pddoc.com/skedaddle/subscription.htm . Subscribers
      also have access to a new "For Subscribers Only" segment of my web-site,
      where I present material before it is published anywhere else on the site.

      Individuals mentioned in "Skedaddle" 1861-2:

      Names of Individuals Mentioned in this Issue
      Anderson, Major Robert
      Ashe, W. S.
      Bartlett, -
      Black, Jeremiah Sullivan (Secretary of State)
      Branch, Lieutenant Colonel J.L.
      Breckinridge, Vice-President John Cabell
      Brown, Governor Joseph Emerson
      Buchanan, President James
      Butterfield, -
      Chase, (Major)
      Chichester, (Lieutenant)
      Clayton, -
      Colquitt, (Captain)
      Curry, J.L.M.
      Dix, Secretary of the Treasury John Adams
      Fenwick, -
      Gafney, (Coroner)
      Gibbes, (Lieutenant)
      Hall, (Lieutenant)
      Hanlon, Michael
      Haskins, (Major)
      Hayne, (Colonel)
      Hoard, M. C.
      Holmes, Major T. R.
      Holt, Secretary of War Joseph
      Latham, Senator Milton Slocum
      Letcher, Governor John
      Lincoln, President-elect Abraham
      Lockwood, (Captain)
      Magoffin, Governor Beriah
      Mathews, -
      McCormick, Hugh (Pay Clerk)
      McGowan, (Captain)
      Moore, Governor Thomas Overton
      Nones, (Lieutenant)
      Paine, (Colonel)
      Peck, W.F.G.
      Pickens, Governor Francis W.
      Relyea, (Captain)
      Rhodes, R. R.
      Scott, Winfield
      Seward, William H.
      Shepherd, (Captain)
      Small, (Captain)
      Spofford, -
      Stevens, (Major)
      Suber, (General)
      Taft, Horatio Nelson
      Taft, Julia
      Taft, Mrs. Horatio Nelson
      Talbot, Lieutenant T.
      Thomas, Secretary of the Treasury Phillip Francis
      Thompson, Secretary of Interior Jacob
      Tileston, -
      Toucey, Secretary of the Navy Isaac
      Tupper, (Captain)
      Whitaker, -
      Whiting, (Captain)
      Yulee, -
      Yulee, Senator David Levy

      Each day, I publish several articles from the time of the civil war at
      "Chronicles of the American Civil War"
      ( http://www.pddoc.com/cw-chronicles )
      Currently, the articles and images I am publishing are from September, 1861.
      Many will eventually appear in "Skedaddle." In addition, I am publishing the
      daily diary entries of two government clerks, one in the patent office in
      Washington, the other in the Confederate War Office.

      See http://www.pddoc.com/skedaddle/articles for other materials.

      Mike Goad

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