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Our research and our families

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Paula, I have been in Greenville the last two days doing research at Joyner Library, Sheppard Library, and the Pitt County Court House. Fortunately I had
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2005
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      Dear Paula,
      I have been in Greenville the last two days doing
      research at Joyner Library, Sheppard Library, and the
      Pitt County Court House. Fortunately I had with me as
      a guide a list of Pitt County Death Records on some of
      my McGowans and their kin, and I decided that I would
      like to view at the Court House as many death records
      and birth records as I could in the time that I had. I
      have never done research there because my time has
      simply been too short.
      I decided to zero in on the McGowans and to view
      the marriage and death records for some of them as
      well as to answer for my Braxton kin some questions
      they had directed at me.
      Since you have helped me so often through the
      years, I want to thank you again and to let you know
      that I was able to confirm everything you told me.
      I still did not know if I would find any McGowan
      marriage records at the Pitt County Court House, but I
      had nothing to lose.
      The year I began my research I called the Court
      House and asked if there were anyone there who could
      tell me if there were any marriage records for Jacky
      Ann McGowan, my great grandmother and daughter of
      Lemuel McGowan, Sr. and Perlina Moore. After a very
      few minutes, the lady returned to the phone to tell me
      that there was not.
      Since my own mother did not marry in Greenville,
      I really had not held high hopes of there being any
      marriage records for her. The negative meant only that
      I needed to extend my research.
      Here is what I have learned from my first visit
      to the Court House.
      J. S. (Jenny Secession) McGowan, daughter of
      Jacky Ann McGowan and "illegible" 19 years old married
      on March 27, 1898 Charles R. Anderson, 37 years old.
      The marriage took place at R. H. Carney's (her uncle's
      house)in Greenville, N.C. and was performed by W. H.
      While doing research at the State Library in
      Richmond last year, I accidentally came upon the 1900
      Nash County Census. There listed in Rocky Mount Mills
      were Jenny Anderson, widow, living with son Jeness
      Anderson and her mother Jacky Ann McGowan, single.
      Charles R. Anderson was the son of John Anderson
      and Sallie Anderson. If I recall correctly, the maiden
      name of his mother was McGowan. In any event, both
      were deceased according to the marriage application.
      Next in a marriage record book listed by last
      name of the groom, I discovered for January 15, 1903,
      35 year old John Baker son of Travis Baker and
      Florence Baker his marriage to Jennie Anderson, 23,
      daughter of K. McGowan and Jacky Ann McGown who
      married on January 15, 1903. C. L. Little performed
      the marriage. Witnesses were G. A. Jackson, M. C.
      Stocks, and Vedie Little.
      I found also the marriage record of Jenette
      Anderson, 27, who on January 12, 1909 married Alfred
      Worthington, 37, son of Alfred Worthington and Sarah
      Worthington. Father--a checkmark. Mother: J. Ann
      McGowan, Greenville. G. L. Little performed the
      ceremony. Witnesses were Frank Taylor, Lawrence
      Stocks, and W. Campbell.
      Next I found the Death Certificate (No. 20, reg.
      district 74-12) of Jennie S. Worthington, aged 51
      years, 3 months, 5 days born March 7, 1883 [census
      record of 1880 shows 1 1/2 year old Jenny in household
      of Lemuel and Perlina Moore McGowan with Jacky Ann
      McGowan]. Her parents are William McGowan and Jackie
      McGowan. Informant is Clydie Worthington. Death is
      6/13/1934. Cause of death is dysentery.
      Our August 2005 PCFR shows a bequest from George
      Moore, to among others W. K. McGowan. In reference to
      W. K. McGowan, it is noted that he is known as "Kenny"
      The information that W.K. McGowan was known as
      "Kenny" leads me to believe that the father of Jenny
      Secession McGowan was W. K. McGowan.
      You wrote me a couple of years ago to tell me
      that information you also had found in the files of
      the Mormon Church gave W. K. McGowan as the father of
      Jenny and my great grandfather. I believed what you
      told me but wanted to find independent documentation
      to confirm that this gentleman was my great
      By the way, I do not know if you have seen Vol.
      II of the Pitt County Chronicles. There is mention
      among the McGowan families (I believe the article was
      written by Roger Kammerer) of W. K. McGowan under
      William Williams McGowan. Roger notes that W. K.
      McGowan never married.
      William Williams McGowan and his wife Martha Ann
      Moore, sister of Churchill Moore, had a daughter Lydia
      McGowan. She was married to Jacky Ann McGowan's
      brother, Lemuel McGowan, Jr. Lemuel died a few years
      after the marriage, and she married into the Harris
      family. She had no children by her second husband who
      raised young Claudius McGowan as his own son. My
      cousin Claudius became a physician, moved to Plymouth,
      North Carolina where he married a Reid, daughter of
      the local sheriff. They had two daughters. The wife
      became suddenly ill with an infection and died within
      days of its onset despite all that could be done for
      her. Claudius' mother had moved to Plymouth after the
      death of her second husband and made her home with her
      son and his family. Claudius' wife died around April,
      1924 I believe it was.
      It is interesting to note that Jenny S. McGowan
      is listed as Jenny Anderson upon her marriage to my
      grandfather, Alfred Worthington, since she had
      subsequently married John Baker, son of Travis Baker.
      Do you have a date of death for John Baker?
      This research trip has been really rewarding
      considering the exceptionally short time I had to
      spend here. I will be returning to Richmond in the
      morning. However, I wanted to share my findings with
      you and to thank you again for your generosity in
      sharing your knowledge and information with me and
      with the other members of our group.

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005
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