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    Do you have anything on the William Hill line father of Judith that married Edward Boykin? I have a lost line for William Hill born 1825. Linda ... From: Jo
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2005
      Do you have anything on the William Hill line father of Judith that married Edward Boykin?
      I have a lost line for William Hill born 1825.

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      Gleaned from the Edgecombe List.


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      The following information came out of a friend's grandmother's Bible. I am
      trying to link my Boykin's with her Boykin Family.

      Edward Boykin, settle in Isle of Wright County, Va
      Born: 1650 in Kent, England
      Married: Ann Gwaltney, daughter of William and Alice Gwaltney
      Died: May 27, 1728

      Edward Boykin, Jr
      Born: 1676
      Married: Judith Hill, daugher of William Hill
      Died: June 8, 1743

      Benjamin Boykin
      Born 1710
      Married: Dianah
      Died: 1785

      Druy Boykin-Revolutionary Soldier, Halifax District of NC
      Born: 1710
      Married 1765
      Died: 1823 Sumter District of South Carolina

      Drury Boykin, Jr-Revoluntionary Soldier of Halifax District of NC
      Born 1795 to 1770
      Married: Sarah
      Died: December 28, 1835

      John Boykin, overseer, Sumter District
      Born: 1797
      Married: Margaret Lee, daughter of William Wilson (Born 1802)
      Died: 1855 (Buried in Lee County
      John Boykin * Buried at cemetary on left side at fence side corner-flat stone
      I-20 & Bishopville exit

      William Wilson Boykin
      Born: 1825
      Married-Katheryn Shaffer (from Pennsylvania)
      Died: Spetmeber 26, 1895 (buried at Providence Church, Dalzell William is buried
      inside the cemetary fence)

      William and Catherine children:
      Mary Jane Boykin
      Born: November 18 1853-
      Died: November 27, 1939 married Thomas Joel Phillips October 30, 1870

      John Ashton Boykin
      Born: September 12, 1855
      Died: January 9, 1939
      Married: Annie E. Doby

      Willliam S. Boykin, Jr.
      Born 1858
      Married: Catherine Richbourg

      G. Edward Boykin
      Born: 1860
      Married: Lottie Monroe

      Henry Lee Boykin
      Born: Septmber 30, 1861
      Died: April 24, 1936
      Married: Carrie Durant

      Charles Wilson Boykin
      Born: July 27, 1866
      Died: October 27, 1924
      Married: Clara Brevard Moore

      James Boykin
      Born: 1868
      Died: unmarried
      John Ashton Boykin

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