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Re: [genpcncfir] Re: making copies at county register of deeds

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Darlene, Thanks for the treasure trove of information. As you pointed out, it is a real burden to be on a research trip, discover new information, need to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 18, 2005
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      Dear Darlene,
      Thanks for the treasure trove of information. As
      you pointed out, it is a real burden to be on a
      research trip, discover new information, need to copy
      it, but find that the rules put restrictions in the
      way. It is especially frustrating when the costs
      exceed one's travel budget or when one has to have
      change, but there is no place outside one's own pocket
      to obtain it. There oughta be a law! At least with
      your information, the researcher is forewarned. Nearly
      every one of the facilities you mentioned have records
      of my own ancestors, and I really appreciate having
      the information on the different charges and rules
      that affect copying. I will keep your information on
      hand as a reference to use in planning my research. I
      realize that charges are subject to change, but I can
      at least prepare myself with plenty of change wherever
      I go--just in case. Later, Carol

      --- Darlene Whitfield <sisdar@...>

      > Hello All,
      > I have been to several counties to make those
      > wonderful copies also in the
      > past. Prices may have gone up, at the time
      > Edgecombe charged only 5 cents,
      > but they are probably a quarter by now. (the best
      > bargin yet) Greene County
      > was the most helpful, (and friendly) they had to
      > make the copy, but the
      > charge was not much 10 cents or either 25 cents (not
      > much activity there and
      > glad to see you) Pitt County, if I remember
      > correctly, let you make your
      > own, and paid for them when you finished, and I
      > think they were a quarter or
      > either 50 cents. They are a busy place, they do have
      > lots of information
      > there to look through. Jones County, had their's in
      > archival books, but
      > they had to make the copies, and the cost was in the
      > 25 to 50 cent bracket.
      > Carteret County was also very reasonable. Craven
      > use to would not let you
      > open the books (they must have had some bad press
      > since then) because they
      > now let you make your own copies and open the books,
      > instead of trying to
      > copy the page in the middle of the binder and
      > getting mostly black smudge
      > and at a $1.00 per page it was not worth it. The
      > cost is now 25 cents, and
      > they give you a key for the copier and you pay up at
      > the end. Also a busy
      > place. Pamlico has lots of information, very
      > friendly, but have to make the
      > copies and charge a $1, plus stamp on the copy,
      > right in the middle, so it
      > looks tacky when finished. (they could put the stamp
      > near the bottom or
      > top). Lenoir also charged a $1.00, but you could
      > make your own copies.
      > Wilson still charges rather high, just over there at
      > the first of the year,
      > and the have to make the copy, plus add a stamp to
      > page. I guess they have
      > to charge for using the stamp. Beaufort county has
      > lots there, and cost of
      > copies were 25 or 50 cents. Hyde County has a
      > wonderful array of records to
      > look through, also in archival covers, and I think
      > the cost was around the
      > 25 to 50 cent bracket.
      > It is very discourging to go in find a treasure (and
      > by then you truly have
      > to have it) and then be charge a dollar for each
      > page. This will put a
      > limit on you copies, especially if you didn't carry
      > your check book with you
      > at the time. So then you have to go back just to
      > make copies. The State
      > Archives do not charge that much for them, if anyone
      > was going to charge the
      > $1 it would be them, I think they charge the 50 cent
      > bracket. They are
      > extremely busy. And closed on Monday's. If you
      > check out their library
      > section on the lower floor, you can make copies at
      > the copier for about 10
      > cents. Even the libraries make a fortune on us with
      > their copies. New
      > Bern's copies are 15 cents each. And you have to
      > feed the box with the exact
      > coins, so save up the change before you go. Wonder
      > what they would charge
      > if we brought our own paper? You can get a ream
      > for $2.50 at Walmart and
      > have 500 pages. It appears that the coping market
      > knows who to go after,
      > those of us who are in search of the long lost past
      > of our ancestors.
      > Prices are subject to increase, since it has been a
      > couple of years since I
      > visited with some of these Court Houses.
      > Happy Hunting! By the way the articles in the
      > Chronicles Vol. II look
      > great.
      > Darlene Whitfield
      > Researching -
      > Pitt Co - McLawhorn, Moore, Walls, Wards, Joyner,
      > Lenoir Co. - Moore, Daughety
      > Greene Co. - Robinson, Jones
      > Edgecombe Co. - Drake
      > Pamlico Co - Sadler, Mercer, Carawan, Whitfield,
      > Voliva, Credle, Robinson,
      > and many more
      > Craven Co. - Nobles, Hawkins, McLawhorn, Ernul,
      > Drake, Robinson, Moore,
      > Avery, McCoy
      > and all those other add in names that go with them
      > ---
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