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Re: [genpcncfir] Edie Harrell-Phillips, Webb, Harrell

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    In a message dated 6/10/2005 2:35:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, paulabaker69@hotmail.com writes: Name: Edie Harrell Gender: Female Race: White Marital
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      In a message dated 6/10/2005 2:35:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      paulabaker69@... writes:
      Name: Edie Harrell
      Gender: Female
      Race: White
      Marital Status: Single
      Place of Birth: North Carolina
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1862
      Age: 18
      Month of Death: Sep
      Cause of Death: Consumption
      Place of Death: (City, County, State)
      Harrellsville, Hertford, North Carolina
      Census Year: 1880
      Image Source: Census Place (City, County, State): Harrellsville,
      Hertford, North Carolina; Roll: M1805_4; Page: ; Enumeration District:
      67;Line Number: 10.
      Residency Country: United States

      It would be interesting to know who the above Edie Harrell is so that I could
      fill in her information under my Harrells, (every little bit helps) but
      Jessie Harrell's wife's name was Edie (Edith) Webb, daughter of David Webb and
      Wealthy Felton. Edie was the half sister of my grandson's ancestor, Alice Webb,
      who was the daughter of David Webb and his second wife, Elizabeth Felton.
      Wealthy and Elizabeth were sisters and the daughters of Jobe Felton and wife,
      Patsy? David Webb 1802-1872 also had a child by a third Felton sister, Nancy
      Felton. I don't know the name of the child that Nancy Felton had.

      Alice Webb's first marriage was to John Walston, Jr. Her second marriage was
      to Riley Phillips and it is said that Alice died during the birth of her last
      child, Mabel, on February 9, 1899.

      After Alice Webb's death, Riley Phillips married Vesta Harrell, daughter of
      Jesse Harrell (1815-1898) and Edith (Edie) Webb (1839-1929) Vainwright Harrell
      on June 3, 1900.

      From pine tops to Pinetops, The First One Hundred Years, Phil Carlton, page 20
      Riley Phillips built the first two houses in the settlement (Pinetops, North
      Carolina) for workers in his mill.

      One of them is located next to the Centennial House in Pinetops, and the
      second is located on the far side of the street that runs by Millie's Pizza on
      Hamlet Street in Pinetops. If I am not mistaken, and I certainly might be, that
      second house was the scene of a recent notorius crime where a son attacked an
      over 80 year old woman.
      Both houses were apparently built from the same plan.

      In David Webb's (1802-1872) will, he left to his daughter

      "(8) I give and devise to my daughter EDEATH HARRELL wife of Jesse HARRELL
      one dollar."

      The will was dated Nov. 6, 1872.

      While there is an abundance of information on the Webbs and Harrells in
      Edgecombe County, the information that I have been able to gather on the Phillips
      family has been harder to come by. I currently have 2898 descendants in the
      Webb line and I am sure that I have only recorded a percentage of actual Webb
      descendants since I have only been working on these lines about a year.

      I am also interested in the descendants of David Harrell who married
      Charlotty Webb who was the daughter of John Webb, Sr. and Teresa Duke. David Harrell
      was the son of Samuel Harrell and Elvey Riddick. David was one of the executors
      of his father's will, and the will states

      "I bequeath unto my loving wife the plantation lands and tenaments and
      negroes Chain, Luke, and Marium.

      After her death or marriage then to my loving son as follows the same
      plantation above mentioned and Luke (slave) to David Harrell"

      Samuel Harrell and David Harrell are buried in a cemetery near a crossroads
      known as Handy Corner in Edgecombe County on land bought by Samuel. The land
      was a part of what David Harrell sold to Amos Phillips.

      As I currently have it recorded, Amos Phillips was a second cousin to Riley
      Phillips. I am always open to corrections on any of the material that I have.
      Please do not hesitate to correct it if you can and please let me know.

      Faye Hays

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