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Re: [genpcncfir] Response Re: eMail Accts. etc

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Jewelle, One reason I asked is that Roger Kammerer included listings from Pitt County Bastardy Bonds from various years in issues of the PCFR Geneological
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 10, 2005
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      Dear Jewelle, One reason I asked is that Roger
      Kammerer included listings from Pitt County Bastardy
      Bonds from various years in issues of the PCFR
      Geneological Quarterlies. Then on one of my trips to
      Raleigh with GRIVA (the Geneological Research Institue
      of Virginia, an organization very similar to the Pitt
      County Family Researchers) when I went to the
      archives, I found some folders of Bastardy Bonds. All
      were handwritten, of course, and deciphering some of
      those was a labor of Hercules. It really made me
      appreciative of the task Roger had set for himself
      when he transcribed those records for the Quarterlies.
      Since those he published represented a number of
      years, I wondered where I might find those for the
      remaining years. The folders at Raleigh could not have
      contained more than a 100 of these bonds, and I
      realized that these folders could not have been
      Roger's only source. I do hope that someone among our
      membership can help us here. Thank you, Jewelle, for
      getting back to me and for opening up this knotty
      problem to our group. Later, Carol
      --- Jewelle Baker <jewellebaker@...> wrote:
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: "Carol Singh"
      > Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 12:23 PM
      > Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] Craven Co Bastardy Bonds
      > 1784-1819 New Book
      > > Dear Jewelle, Is there a similar publication for
      > Pitt
      > > County?
      > Not to my knowledge.... if anyone knows
      > of one, please share.
      > {Sorry for my delay in responding to you
      > Carol.}
      > >While I am thinking of it, let me run
      > > something by you and our group.
      > <SNIP>
      > >That led
      > > me to think: what about us? What if one of us
      > should
      > > pass on? Like some of our members, I do have hard
      > > copies of much of my "stuff," as I call it.
      > However,
      > > there are volumes of correspondence that I have
      > never
      > > gotten around to making hard copies of. What I was
      > > thinking about was just as people leave their
      > books
      > > and other possessions to libraries, etc.,should
      > our
      > > group or our PCFR and others consider making it
      > > possible to will our e-mails to them? Of course,
      > we
      > > would also have to leave our passwords as well.
      > Let me
      > > know what you think. Later, Carol
      > <SNIP>
      > I suggest having all of your eMail Accounts,
      > Group MemberShips, and PassWords, Yahoo ID's, etc.
      > listed in your private papers with your instructions
      > to your family as to your desires. This way, your
      > family could easily access any and/or all and follow
      > yours and their wishes.
      > Group... our ARCHIVES have ALL of our postings,
      > beginning 1998
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genpcncfir/messages
      > We have two Search Engines available for
      > Researchers, by name, subject and/or message
      > number.
      > I keep up-to-date CD copies of our Archives .....
      > and as time permits.... copies of our
      > File Interfaces contents.
      > I am ALWAYS open to suggestions and constructive
      > criticisms from each and everyone of you in order to
      > keep our dynamic Group serving you
      > better.
      > Group... Lets have YOUR thoughts.......
      > Jewelle
      > jewelle@...
      > jewellebaker@...
      > 252-523-2881
      > Researching: (Main Capitalized)
      > BAKER, Barrow, BEAMAN, BLOUNT, Bonner, Bours,
      > Braxton, CANNON, Carraway,
      > COX, Chester, Dail, ELLIS, Faircloth, Gardner,
      > HANCOCK, HARDEE, Hardison,
      > Harris, Harper, Harrington, Heath, Hollyman (all
      > sp), JACKSON, Johnson,
      > Jones, Letchworth, Manning, McGLOHON (all sp),
      > McGOWAN, McKeel, Mills,
      > Mitchell, Mumford, PHILLIPS, Price, Shaw, Smith,
      > Sumrell, Stocks, Stokes,
      > Tyson, Vandiford, Walls, Walston, Weeks, Wilkerson,
      > WINGATE, Wetherington,
      > Worthington, plus ++++
      > GenealogyPITT Co NC Friends In Research
      > (Serving all Eastern/Coastal NC Counties)
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genpcncfir
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