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    Yes, it is interesting, and a personal touch for your family tree to include that in it. I m going through one of my busy periods in genealogy. Seems like I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2004
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      Yes, it is interesting, and a personal touch for your family tree to include
      that in it.

      I'm going through one of my "busy" periods in genealogy. Seems like I hit
      something everyday that I can use, and then there are periods when I hit some
      very dry periods.

      If it connects to a family in my data base, I will include it, because I've
      found that if I don't, sooner or later I realize that I need that piece of
      information and just "where did I find it before?" Backtracking is not all that
      easy for me. There are so many inter-connecting families in Edgecombe, Pitt,
      Wilson, Nash and other close counties, that one family leads to another and
      sooner or later, they will connect somewhere.

      For instance, last week, can't remember the family nor the deed, but I saw
      one that included the description that the land was very near the "county
      border" in the late 1600s or early 1700s. Near the border meant near the North
      Carolina border. I can't back track to where I saw it and made the decision at the
      time, (to my regret) that I didn't need that one. Maybe I'll run across it

      I ran across a link that connects my grandson to two U. S. Presidents, so
      will develop that as I get time, not developed yet. The famous Edwards Estate
      tempest that results from a 1696 death of a man named Hall and his daughter who
      married an Edwards, who left a strip of land that is now worth billions if not
      trillions of dollars , in New York City that has been the subject of not only
      fraud, but lawsuits claiming from people claiming to be an heir to the
      fortune. The strip of land includes the land where the Twin Towers, and other famous
      buildings are and were located.

      And, of course, the Sam Bass tale from Denton, Texas. Ava Gardner, and her
      family spread through four counties here, from Pitt County, Edgecombe, Wilson
      County, to Johnston County. I haven't looked into the Jimmy Carter connection
      yet, nor the Margaret Truman's husband, Clifton Daniel, but he is connected
      through the Daniel line, perhaps back in Northampton County, North Carolina. The
      Bell Witch family is connected to the Batts side of Ava Gardner and that link
      was shown in the article by Hugh Johnston, Wilson County historian. Oh, and
      almost forgot, Oliver Cromwell.

      Of course, we can't all be in the family of these famous people, but
      somewhere along the line, our ancestors were their neighbors, friends, and lived in
      the same community, and perhaps attended the same church. Doesn't the Joyner
      line have a connection with Daniel Boone? Not sure about that one.

      The laws of inheritance in England gave any land owned by the father to the
      oldest son, so the younger brothers had to go out and earn and find their own
      land. Sometimes they married well, sometimes they didn't. So, it is entirely
      possible that in a few generations, especially if the younger sons came to the
      colonies, a family would lose track of their royal heritage. There are Kings
      and noblemen in many families. Every family can't claim royalty, but it is
      surprising how many do.

      I posted part of the line for Adam and Eve a few days ago from a gedcom that
      I acquired. Many of these people say they can trace their families back that
      far, but that, to me, is stretching the line a bit far. I did see, online,
      several years back that the Wooten and Boykin line supposedly had been traced
      back to Adam and Eve. It had to be through the Wooten line because the Boykin
      line has never actually been connected beyond Isle of Wight, Virginia although
      there are many guesses as to where Edward Boykin came from. (My direct
      ancestor.) The online webpage for the Wootens and Boykins has been removed because I
      searched again for it recently and could not find it.

      Which all goes to my statement above about the deed stating that the land was
      "near the county border." If you see it, either save it or forget it. These
      webpages don't last forever as much as we'd like them to. Here today, gone

      Faye Hays

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