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Gwaltney family

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  • Edith Cox
    You mentioned a Gawltney in a recent message and I am searching for the parents of Harriet Gwaltney/Gwatney (b. 1829)who married (1845) Walter Adams and lived
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2004
      You mentioned a Gawltney in a recent message and I am searching for the
      parents of Harriet Gwaltney/Gwatney (b. 1829)who married (1845) Walter Adams
      and lived in Beaufort County. Any information would be appreciated.
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      > Sorry, it is late and I forgot to mention that Jonathan Boykin, Sr. and
      > wife, Mary Jacobs, are my third great grandparents.
      > It has been years since I worked on the Boykin line and never fleshed it
      > a lot with Wilson County families since I did not live here at that time,
      > there is supposedly a direct line through the Boykins back to Alfred the
      > Great, which I probably have packed back in a file somewhere, but it is in
      > storage.I even bought a book on the life of Alfred the Great. : )
      > And somewhere, if I ever find all my stuff, one man traced his line
      > the Boykins and Wootens all the way back to Adam! Now this one, I did get
      > chuckle out of.
      > The line, as most of you know, goes back to Edward Boykin and Ann Gwaltney
      > before changing over to the Flakes, Marriotts, and Warrens. There is a
      > controversy over the age of Ann Gwaltney and whether she is actually the
      wife of Edward
      > Boykin or not. I believe that she is. Many pose the question that the
      > generations between her and Thomas Warren could not have been possible in
      the actual
      > years that took place. (Most of these arguments are based on the wife
      > anywhere from 20/25 at the time of marriage.)
      > However, a side note, marriages in records (Beaufort County, NC for one)
      > that some marriages took place when the bride was only 12 years old.
      > Secondly, I know of a family history of a family in Virginia which ties
      into one
      > section of the Boykins, and the researcher, a Suffolk attorney, did much
      > on the records in Surry County and Isle of Wight County. If he is
      > that Ann Gwaltney was the wife of Edward Boykin after going through the
      > there, then I am also satisfied with the statement until it is "proven"
      > otherwise, and that is who he has listed in the book that he published.
      > Soooo, this is my day to ramble on. The heat is getting to me I guess, or
      > warming up the parts of the brain that cause rambling...... : )
      > Faye Hays
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