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Re: [genpcncfir] Greenville Reunion

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  • Jewelle Baker
    Hello Carol... Yes, Greenville and surrounding areas, have certainly changed....... progress for Eastern N.C. ... you ll have no problem getting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2004
      Hello Carol...
      Yes, Greenville and surrounding areas, have certainly
      changed....... progress for Eastern N.C.
      <chuckle> ... you'll have no problem getting around, however!!
      I look forward to seeing you... and placing other faces with names ... so
      hope they have a good 'turn-out'!!

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      Harris, Harper, Harrington, Heath, Hollyman (all sp), JACKSON, Johnson,
      Jones, Letchworth, Manning, McGLOHON (all sp), McGOWAN, McKeel, Mills,
      Mitchell, Mumford, PHILLIPS, Price, Shaw, Smith, Sumrell, Stocks, Stokes,
      Tyson, Vandiford, Walls, Walston, Weeks, Wilkerson, WINGATE, Wetherington,
      Worthington, plus ++++

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      Subject: Re: [genpcncfir] PCFR 10th REUNION 15-16 October 03

      > Dear Jewelle, I plan to be there. I am really looking
      > forward to it. I need only to know where it will be
      > held and how to get to that location once I get to
      > Greenville. I was only a child when I left there, and
      > Greenville (like me) has grown. Some parts of it I do
      > not even recognize anymore, but I can usually get
      > around once someone orients me from Memorial Drive or
      > Greenville Boulevard (the only two places I can find
      > unassisted)--well, I guess I can find Evans Street
      > too, but I do not give much for my chances after dark.
      > Later, Carol
      > --- Jewelle Baker <jewellebaker@...> wrote:
      > > Hello Group...
      > > I've been asked to remind you all, once
      > > again, reference the 10th Reunion of the Pitt County
      > > Family Researchers, Greenville, N.C.
      > > scheduled for weekend 15-16 October 04. BookMark
      > > the below Link to keep current with PCFR plans:
      > >
      > > http://www.rootsweb.com/~ncpcfr/10thReunion.htm
      > >
      > > Jewelle
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