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RE: [genpcncfir] One World Tree

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  • Kimberly Powell
    Kathy, Don t worry. There is a lot of misinformation flying around out there and it s even been posted to the Association of Professional Genealogists list, so
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2004

      Don't worry. There is a lot of misinformation flying around out there
      and it's even been posted to the Association of Professional
      Genealogists list, so you're not alone.

      I looked into some of the common misconceptions and posted the answers
      on my site (including how to remove your trees) if anyone is interested
      (feel free to share this URL with other lists if you feel it would be

      Basically, the new service is a search service only. The trees will
      remain freely available to all. Also, Ancestry World Tree and RootsWeb
      World Connect are actually one integrated database. Right now, only
      submissions to Ancestry World Tree are being included in OneWorldTree,
      but that could change. Ancestry has the right to also include the
      WorldConnect trees if they wish, and I expect they will someday.


      Kimberly Powell
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      Subject: [genpcncfir] One World Tree

      Hello All,
      The following was just sent to me.....I am VERY sorry if I sent out
      misinformation or caused any confusion!! I felt I rec'd the info from a
      reliable source.....so you will have to check it out for yourselves. I
      was just trying to be helpful.....I might best leave well enough alone
      from now on : )

      CLARIFICATION - please help correct this misunderstanding if you saw
      on other lists.

      The WorldConnect at RootsWeb, is NOT the same as the one at Ancestry.com

      (although it's basically the same

      You may have seen this note earlier and it applies ONLY to Ancestry.com
      system. It is my understanding that this system was also in place when
      first began, although I've not participated in it, so am not sure.

      ========= From someone who contacted Ancestry===
      Additionally, Ancestry has attempted to take the family trees and
      remove the duplications

      They are NOT selling our information, however. They are selling access
      to a super SEARCH engine. Rootsweb and Ancestry's trees will remain the
      same, with free access as usual.

      I asked what was the difference in the regular search
      engine (from Ancestry's home page) which pulls up all their references
      databases and the answer wasn't clear ... it wasn't her, it was me ... I
      couldn't grasp the concept of what she was saying. You all are aware, I
      that Ancestry now owns Rootsweb (which would include all the Gen Web
      sites and message boards), Genforum, and Family Treemaker, giving them
      access to all
      of information. Can you imagine a search engine that would pick up hits
      from all these sources? Now THAT would be worth paying for!

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