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Re: [genpcncfir] Kinston Cemeteries

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Marica, Thanks so much. It is fantastic that a person can actually get listing of cemeteries where McLawhorns are buried without even having to go there
    Message 1 of 26 , Apr 8, 2004
      Dear Marica, Thanks so much. It is fantastic that a
      person can actually get listing of cemeteries where
      McLawhorns are buried without even having to go there
      first! I'm about certain that Greenville does not do
      that. Life could be so much simpler for researchers if
      every city followed that example. Your geographical
      descriptions are priceless. You really do think
      exactly like me--analytical, geographical! Show me!
      Later, Carol
      --- Marcia McLawhorn <marcia_mclawhorn@...>
      > Dear Carol,
      > I'll can't find its exact address. I will have to
      > find my papers from last June. I was in a motel on
      > Business US 70 near 258. Where those roads meet, I
      > took Alt 70 toward downtown Kinston. (On an Internet
      > Map the direction is North) It was about a third to
      > halfway from that intersection and City Hall. It is
      > a large "L" shaped Cemetery on the right. The width
      > of the top of the "L" borders the road I was on
      > (about half a chicago city block) the length was
      > four to six times the width. the "L" part had a
      > width twice the size of the leg and there was
      > another little part like a period across the street.
      > A little bit like Italy's shape. A paved road
      > borders the entire cemetery.
      > It is a city cemetery and it is beautifully
      > maintained by a 3-man crew. The neighborhood looks
      > like they are some of the poorest citizens. There
      > was a sidewalk though the center, which was used by
      > students. Yet headstones were undamaged in any way
      > but age. (I was surprised - here, I would they would
      > be tagged, toppled and broken).
      > One of the crew men told me of two other cemeteries,
      > but I didn't get to those. One was west of where I
      > was, he said that was really old and closed to new
      > burials and one was back past my motel South of US
      > 70. It had graves for blacks and some of them were
      > McLawhorns. He also gave me directions to Pinelawn.
      > Plus, he had sent me to city hall and told me how
      > to get a listing of all McLawhorns buried in city
      > cemeteries.
      > Pinelawn Memorial Park 4488 US Highway 70 W,
      > Kinston, NC
      > you can see this one as you drive east on US70, but
      > to get to it you have to turn left at the first
      > light just past the cemetery and then left again
      > (like a frontage road) past an army surplus store,
      > up a slight grade. The road turns right at the main
      > entrance and there is about 3 left turn entrances
      > into the cemetery. There are McLawhorns in here
      > including my husband and his grandfather.
      > Oak Hill Memorial Park 2603 Tower Hill Rd,
      > Kinston, NC
      > I have not been here.
      > I spent a couple of hours photographing (with
      > permission) the William Briley Smith Graveyard,
      > which was near the border of Lenoir and Jones county
      > lines. It was well maintained, but there were not
      > as many wooden crosses as I had seen in 1970.
      > Sincerely,
      > Marcia
      > Dear Marcia, I'll have to check my Worthington data
      > base. I'd bet that either Trish or Lisa or both will
      > have the information at hand. By the way, where is
      > Maplewood? I've been to Kinston many times but am
      > not
      > familiar with the cemeteries there. Thanks, Carol
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