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Re: [genpcncfir] Can You Relate?

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Kimberley, Yes, we can relate--especially to the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just kidding! However, as my son said of J.R. of Dallas fame when my son was
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 8, 2004
      Dear Kimberley, Yes, we can relate--especially to the
      good, the bad, and the ugly. Just kidding! However, as
      my son said of J.R. of Dallas fame when my son was
      only 6 years old: "You know, Mama, good people really
      aren't very interesting!" Later, Carol
      --- Kimberley <xstitcher33@...> wrote:
      > The following is an article written by Lee Wood. I
      > think you all
      > will be able to relate to this.
      > Do any of you have a member of your family who
      > is into
      > genealogy? If so, you will have no problem relating
      > to this
      > article. There is one in my clan, but it's for
      > sure, I'm not the
      > one. I can't even spell the word without looking it
      > up.
      > The zealot in this field of interest would be
      > my sister. I
      > won't say she's fanatical about the subject, but she
      > definitely
      > doesn't take it lightly. While she may go to the
      > grocery store and
      > forget one of the items she went after, you can ask
      > her about great-
      > great-great uncle John, or cousin Sally Mae, seven
      > times removed,
      > and without batting an eye, she can fire off more
      > information that
      > The Census Bureau. And, unless you're one of the
      > (genealogists),
      > you don't want to among their group when they get
      > together and start
      > talking. I really do believe they speak a foreign
      > language, so
      > the "outsiders" can't understand them. They have
      > clubs and
      > communicate with people all over the world. they
      > have large gala
      > affairs where the members and guests fly in from
      > other places, and
      > they all eat, drink, and talk about those who have
      > passed. I'm here
      > to tell you, when I attend a party, the last thing I
      > want to do is
      > discuss dead people.
      > Once, my sister, mother and I had been out of
      > town shopping and
      > we were on our way back. Their idea of a fun day is
      > to stop at
      > every little antique store -- every little gift shop
      > -- every little
      > clothing outlet -- and last, but not least, have
      > lunch or dinner (or
      > both) in some nice restaurant. That is not my
      > definition of
      > pleasure and those type of outings tire me to no
      > end. Also,
      > patience is not one of my virtues, and when my body
      > and mind have
      > had enough, so has my patience. That day, it had
      > almost reached the
      > danger point. My sister was driving -- my mother
      > was sitting in the
      > passenger seat, and they were chatting up a storm --
      > no sign of
      > fatigue. I was in the back seat, trying to remain
      > civil until we
      > got home and I could kick off my heels and pull off
      > my tummy control
      > pantyhose.
      > Then my sister exclaimed, "I think I see a
      > cemetery over in the
      > back of that field." My mother confirmed it. What
      > did we do?
      > Turned off on a lane that looked as though it hadn't
      > been used for
      > years. Driving over bumps and through tall grasses
      > -- making a road
      > where that one ended -- we were headed for the
      > graveyard. My sister
      > was on a mission. When we finally got there, they
      > (Mom and sis)
      > jumped out of the car and fought brambles to get to
      > the monuments
      > and find out who was buried there. Sis found a
      > headstone that had
      > information she thought might help her research --
      > so she yanked a
      > sheet of white paper off her drawing pad, got a
      > graphite pencil, and
      > placing the paper over the etchings, began gently
      > moving the lead
      > across the paper to make a copy.
      > All the while, I kept asking myself, "What am I
      > doing here?"
      > And praying that the person who owned the land
      > wouldnt come up with
      > a shotgun and ask the same question. One thing that
      > did activate my
      > curiosity was an old mausoleum. I had never seen
      > one before. It
      > had deteriorated so much that the identifying data
      > had been
      > destroyed, and some of the stones lay loose around
      > the entrance. It
      > gave me the willies, and I half expected the
      > occupant to come
      > outside to see what was going on. Of course, that
      > would have put me
      > into a permanent coma -- but I don't believe it
      > would have fazed my
      > mother and sister. I think they would have just
      > asked him his name,
      > rank, and serial number -- and about every member of
      > his family.
      > Still, over all, I am interested in the
      > ancestral history my
      > mother and sister have documented. Some of it might
      > help explain
      > why our family is so strange. For instance, Sis
      > traced one link of
      > lineage back to the year 1774, then she said it was
      > like coming to a
      > dead end -- It was as if they never existed before
      > that time. Maybe
      > they were aliens. Maybe they came from another
      > planet ona UFO.
      > It's possilbe! Without valid proof to contradict
      > it, how can you
      > argue that it didn't happen?
      > Another side of the family line she traced led
      > back to
      > Massachusetts, circa 1700. She's never been able to
      > get authentic
      > verification of that, but I feel sure the
      > information is correct.
      > And, I'd be willing to wager that the area was in or
      > around Salem --
      > perhaps with a relative or two on the receiving end
      > of a fiery
      > death. I surely wouldn't find this somthing to
      > boast about, but at
      > least it would give a legitimate foundation to those
      > thimes when
      > some have referred to me as a "Witch." As terrible
      > as that sounds,
      > it's better than the times when others have called
      > me by a similar
      > name that begins with a "B." I even had one very
      > prominent man who
      > became extremely irate when I didn't go along with
      > his requ3sts, to
      > combine the two and call me a "Witch-B----." Am I
      > one? I'm a bit
      > unusual -- but no, I don't think I am a witch
      > --certainly not one
      > given special powers. And, I know for a fact that I
      > am not a female
      > dog.
      > Well, enough of this playing with your mind.
      > All kidding
      > asike, I very much want to know who and what our
      > ancestors were --
      > "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." My sister took a
      > hiatus from
      > doing research a few years ago when she had some
      > things going on in
      > her life. Now, I think she's getting back on track
      > and I sincerely
      > hope she will start spending time again in those
      > dusty archives, and
      > begin visiting new cemeteries. I really want a copy
      > of everything
      > she finds -- I just hope she doesn't make me go with
      > her to find it.

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