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Re: [genpcncfir] Re: Abraham Lincoln's birth

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  • Carol Singh
    Sir, I myself take no pleasure in downing a book with or without examining it. When asked my opinion, I acknowledged not having read the book. Instead I read
    Message 1 of 15 , Feb 3, 2004
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      Sir, I myself take no pleasure in downing a book with
      or without examining it. When asked my opinion, I
      acknowledged not having read the book. Instead I read
      critiques of the book, as our library does not own
      your book. Based upon those and allowing that the
      conclusions drawn were correct, then there followed
      the opinion I expressed. With those reservations, I
      prefaced my remarks. I doubt that any of us who are
      interested in genealogy and in the combined fields of
      genalogy and history would with malice aforethought
      make light of your work or of your interest in
      pursuing DNA evidence. While it would be rewarding to
      have actual DNA support for your argument, to date it
      does not exist--if I understand you correctly.
      Therefore, you have put before us an interesting
      hypothesis rather than proof--again if I understand
      you correctly--and you would like to have the DNA
      analysis to support your argument. Certainly such
      evidence would be desirable, and I doubt that anyone
      would dispute you on the subject. To date, though, we
      don't have it, and we can only use what we do have. I
      do not blame you for defending your work. Any of us
      would do the same in your place. I sincerely hope that
      whoever is in a position to provide you the DNA you
      need to determine Lincoln's parentage does so--in the
      interest of both history and science, if not in that
      of simple human nature. In the meantime, pardon both
      my humor and my reservations. We Tarheels are famous
      for our laughter and our skepticism. Among us these
      characteristics are the ties that bind. Please take
      our remarks to each other in the vein in which they
      were intended. None of us had the intention of
      offending anyone. Carol
      --- tarheellincoln1 <tarheellincoln1@...> wrote:
      > As one of the author's of the new book on Lincoln's
      > paternity I would
      > like to respond to some statements made here.
      > First, our research is
      > not based upon lookalikes alone. Though
      > interesting, that kind of
      > evidence would never make an adequate case for
      > Abraham Lincoln being
      > the son of anyone. If you check out the book you
      > will find one full
      > chapter dedicated to the only real evidence that
      > matters, DNA. Our
      > work has included that of a forensic pathologist who
      > has been working
      > toward the goal of testing the Lincolns for a number
      > of years. The
      > intent of the book is to begin discussion of this
      > possibility so that
      > sources that now hold Lincoln DNA might be persuaded
      > to allow some of
      > its usage to test this story which has been going
      > around the
      > mountains of North Carolina for almost 200 years.
      > Your critique of
      > the book baffles me. You take the same sort of "off
      > the cuff"
      > position about our work as what you accuse of taking
      > in our
      > research. I would suggest that you read the book
      > and not the wire
      > service article before forming an opinion. I really
      > don't intend to
      > be caustic about your previous statements, I would
      > just rather have a
      > well informed discussion. That way, we all know
      > what we are talking
      > about. Richard Eller
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