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Re: [genpcncfir] Thanks to all

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  • Carol Singh
    Dear Bob, A word about generators. We lost three citizens here in Richmond, Virginia to generators--sadly an 80+ years old couple. These people all died of
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 23, 2003
      Dear Bob, A word about generators. We lost three
      citizens here in Richmond, Virginia to
      generators--sadly an 80+ years old couple. These
      people all died of carbon monoxide poisoning from
      their generators with the result that the
      Times-Dispatch wrote an article inquiring whether our
      citizens had lost their common sense with the storm
      (yesterday's Times-Dispatch). I'm sure that some of
      the remarks were acutely painful to relatives of the
      deceased. It's of value when a newspaper warns people
      or cautions them about hazards but to chastize in
      cases like these is unfortunate. My family (where I do
      private duty) borrowed a generator--gasoline
      powered--because our patient is oxygen dependent and
      was beginning to suffer to the point where we were
      considering hospitalizing him. After running the
      generator for about four hours, the dad discovered
      that it was leaking gasoline. By grace of God, he
      discovered it before there was a fire. We were in an
      upstairs room directly above the deck on which the
      generator was running. Like Richmond and Henrico,
      Chesterfield County had no water for putting out
      fires. We'd have had to let her rip. People are human
      and cannot foresee every consequence of their actions.
      The least we can do is to be charitable and not add to
      a victim's distress. For the rest, please be aware
      that technology can be a mixed blessing, and use
      caution whenever utilizing alternative sources of
      power. Close monitoring and adequate ventilation in
      the presence of power-generating equipment are
      essentials. I'm hoping as reports of storm damage keep
      coming through that each and everyone of you is safe
      and that any who have suffered losses finds comfort in
      the love and goodness of others who reach out and lend
      support. Later, Carol
      --- Bob Forbes <bforbes@...> wrote:
      > It's great to be getting these reports and brief
      > descriptions from the path of Isabel. Keep 'em
      > coming. In addition to how you & yours are doing
      > right now (most important), it's also good to know
      > your general location (i.e., town or county), what
      > things look like in your neighborhood, and any
      > memorable moments you wish to share about
      > experiencing or reacting to the storm's fury.
      > God Bless,
      > Bob Forbes
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      > Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 10:06 PM
      > Subject: [genpcncfir] Thanks to all
      > I know I can speak for all the members here in
      > E.NC and say a great big thanks to all of you for
      > your concern and prayers for all of us "in harms
      > way". The damage that I have seen could have been
      > so much worse as a whole. There are lots of trees
      > through houses and on vehicles, but nothing conpared
      > to what it could have been. It got a little rough
      > for a while, but we came throug with minimal damage.
      > We watched a great big oak tree for 2 hours as it
      > slowly cracked and began to open up with each gush
      > of wind, but is still hanging in other trees which
      > you can't go near. God was merciful it went away
      > from the homes not toward us. Again thanks for your
      > concern.
      > Linda Melvin
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