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RE: [genpcncfir] Arthur Forbes Family

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  • bforbes@carolina.rr.com
    Dear Jo, I am aware of this Arthur Forbes because of his likely connection with my two Arthur Forbeses, whose birthdates bracket the Arthur Forbes you mention
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 11, 2003
      Dear Jo,

      I am aware of this Arthur Forbes because of his likely connection with my
      two Arthur Forbeses, whose birthdates bracket the Arthur Forbes you mention
      below. My 3-gr-grandfather Arthur Forbes was born between 1745 and 1750 in
      present-day Pitt County (then Beaufort County), son of Anne Stafford Forbes
      (who later married John Shannon), and John Forbes (causal connection thru
      land transfers but no absolute proof yet). This Arthur Forbes had a string
      of daughters by his first wife Dinah (5 of them according to Bible record,
      between 1774 and 1790-something... don't have my files w/ me), then he had
      3 sons and a daughter between 1806 and 1811 by his 2nd wife Judith "India"
      Moore Forbes. The first two sons born in 1806 were twins, Alfred
      (1806-1847, my gr-gr-grandfather) and Arthur (1806-1881), both of whom
      lived and died in Pitt County.

      Now back to your Arthur Forbes b. 1774 who married Beady Forbes and moved
      to Edgecombe County. I believe that he was a nephew of my 3-gr-grandfather
      Arthur Forbes b.~1748. As you may know, boys at that time tended to be
      named after their uncles more than their fathers. Do you have your Arthur's
      father's name? I believe it may have been Clement (aka, Clemmons) Forbes,
      who I think was an uncle to my Arthur Forbes. Further, I believe that
      Clement and Arthur had 2 or 3 more brothers named Benjamin, Joseph, and
      perhaps another John Forbes (see names of Arthur & Beady's sons, also named
      after their uncles I believe). It is also interesting that my Arthur's
      only daughter by his 2nd wife Judith (b. 1808) was named Elizabeth, same as
      your Arthur's daughter born in same era, but that has always been a popular
      girl's name.

      Now that I've thoroughly confused you, let's share more detailed info such
      as full names, birth & death dates with parentage as best we can determine,
      and our info sources. I've scanned my Arthur Forbes bible record w/ much
      of that info and will email it to you later this week when I'm home.
      Please email me directly your Forbes info when you are able.
      Bob Forbes

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      From: Jo jowebb@...
      Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 12:59:56 +0000
      To: genpcncfir@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [genpcncfir] Arthur Forbes Family


      Is anyone researching the Arthur and Beady Forbes family?  Arthur was <BR>
      born in 1774 in Pitt County and died in Edgecombe County in 1869.  <BR>
      Their children were: Hyrum, Edith, Calvin, Joseph, Britton, <BR>
      Benjamine, and Elizabeth.  Their birth ranged from 1808 to 1829.<BR>


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