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Re: [genpcncfir] Christman

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  • bforbes@carolina.rr.com
    Yes, my gr-gr-grandma Anastasia Christman (1847-1915) and Indianna Christman (b.1843) were sisters. Their parents were Thomas F. Christman (b.1803-d.1860-70)
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      Yes, my gr-gr-grandma Anastasia Christman (1847-1915) and Indianna
      Christman (b.1843) were sisters. Their parents were Thomas F. Christman
      (b.1803-d.1860-70) and Grizza A. ____ (maiden name not known), who were
      listed in the 1850 Johnston County census and 1860 Wilson County census.
      Likely they lived close to Wilson during this whole time (Wilson County was
      formed from Johnston County during this decade I think). The two sisters
      also had a brother Daniel Christman who was Chief of Police in Wilson ~1880.

      My gr-gr-grandfather A.A. Forbes was apparently close to this Christman
      family at the start of the War Between the States, because he traveled from
      Pitt County to Wilson to enlist and fought with a couple of the Christman
      brothers it appears. After the war he married Anastasia Christman and
      brought her back to Pitt County to live on his farm. They had six
      children, all of whom lived to adulthood. I have a bunch of relatives from
      their line.

      I obtained most of my Christman information from Allen Churchill.

      Bob Forbes

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      Where was the Christman Family from? It's so weird that you put that last
      name in your letter. Just last night I was doing some research and came
      across an <BR>
      Indiana Christman who married a James Evans in Pitt County. Just wondered
      if <BR>
      these two women where related.<BR>
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