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Daniel and Page Family

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  • robertlcapps
    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me on this. Need help on this John Page who married Marina Daniel.#144 Thanks, Marilyn http://paynedaniel.com/annjonesd/d6.htm
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      Hi everyone,

      Can anyone help me on this. Need help on this John Page who married
      Marina Daniel.#144



      LANIER DANIEL Pitt County (NC) 15 October 1840, probate November Term
      1841. Wife Elizabeth Daniel (negroes Chancy, Esther, Delia, Jennett,
      Celia?; 3 children: Arnold, Luce and Marhala; old man Dave; and 3 young
      men: J. E. Jordan, Alfred and Jim).

      Son Benjamin Daniel (negro man Daniel);

      Daughter Marina Page (negro man Jim after my wife's death)

      Daughter's children except Susannah Andrews and John Page

      Son John S. Daniel (negro woman Esther after my wife's death and girl
      Gennette and her increase)

      Children of son Nathaniel Daniel, deceased:

      Lanier Daniel (negro man Tener) This was probably the Lanier Daniel aged
      20-30 as shown in the 1840 Martin County NC Census.

      Elizabeth and Mary Eliza; granddaughter Susanna Andrews (nego boy Homer.

      Other negroes not named to be hired out two years and then given to son
      Benjamin Daniel (negro man Washington, woman Clara), daughter Marina
      Page (negro man Jerry) and son John S. Daniel (negroes Luzane, Annicha
      and Henry.

      Negro Eson to be sold and 1/4th of proceeds divided between:

      Lanier, Mary Eliza and Katharina, children of Nathaniel Daniel. Residue
      equally divided between: wife Elizabeth, sons Benjamin, John S. Daniel
      and Marina Page and my four grandchildren: Lanier, Elizabeth, Mary Eliza
      and Kenneth. Lands mentioned on Hunting Run and the Burton Holliday
      tract. Executor: Son Benjamin Daniel, Witnesses: Benj. F. Eborn, George

      Signed: Lanier Daniel (Seal). "True copy" dated May 7 1856, H. Sheppard,

      From NC Archives, Wm. Blount Rodman Papers #PC 76.12

      1790 Census - Heads of Families - North Carolina, New Bern District,
      Pitt County: Daniel, Thomas w/2 slaves Daniel, Lanier w/1 slave Daniel,
      Robert w/15 slaves + 1 male over 16 and free white female still at home.

      1800 Census - NC in Same District, Robert Daniel is gone (died 1794),
      but George, Lanier, Thomas, Willie, Hannah Daniel are all in the same
      neighborhood. 1800 Pitt County, NC Census: Daniel, Thomas,
      1,1,0,0,2 Daniel, Lanier, 1,0,1,0,1 Daniel, Robert, (?) 2,1,1,0,15

      Deeds recorded in Pitt County, NC: Deed Book O Page 142, 11 Nov 1794
      proved January Term 1895. Robert Lanier Daniel, Pitt Co., to Lanier
      Daniel, Pitt Co (son for L & A) 175 acres, No. side of Grindal Ck on
      west side of Hunting Run Wit: Thomas Daniel, Henry Carson

      Lanier married Elizabeth BOWERS .

      Children from this marriage were:

      141 M i. Joseph DANIEL .

      + 142 M ii. Benjamin Lanier DANIEL
      <http://paynedaniel.com/annjonesd/d7.htm#i12247> was born on 19 Sep
      1796 in Pactolus, Pitt Co., NC and died before 1882 in Pactolus,
      Pitt Co., NC.

      143 M iii. John S. DANIEL was born in 1803.

      144 F iv. Marina DANIEL .

      Marina married John PAGE .

      145 M v. Nathaniel DANIEL died before 1840.

      General Notes: Nathaniel DANIEL, died before 1840 and his
      children are listed in his father's will.

      79. Mary DANIEL <http://paynedaniel.com/annjonesd/d5.htm#c991> was born
      about 1761.

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