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  • Rea11bak2gen@aol.com
    Feb 2, 2003
      In a message dated 2/1/03 8:52:25 AM Eastern Standard Time,
      ellisonj7@... writes:

      > Betty,
      > Thank you for responding to my message.
      > On the 1870 Pitt County census, page 29, there lists John, 42; Sarah, 27;
      > Mary, 9; Elizabeth, 6; William A., 4; Mary, 30, domestic ser.; John, 9;
      > Prissy A., 12, and Wiliam, 1. I believe the Mary, age 30, to be Mary
      > Grizzard, who possibly took on the Pollard last name. Her daughter, Prissy
      > A., is 12 on this 1870 census; but on the 1880 census on page 402B, she is
      > Priscilla Simmons, age 19.
      > Oour family tradition has it that Mary Grizzard, a Native American Indian,
      > married a Pollard and had Priscilla and at least one son my father called
      > "Uncle Tom Pollard", a FWB preacher in NC. The ages and name is close
      > enough for me to believe this Mary, b. abt. 1840, is Mary Grizzard
      > (Simmons?) living in the Pollard household. The 1880 census shows Sarah,
      > wife to John Pollard (she is also listed on 1870 census) and their three
      > children WITHOUT Mary and her children.
      > Do you have any Mary Grizzards in your notes that would confirm any of
      > this?
      > Thank you for checking on this for me.
      > Thank you.
      > Janie (Harris) Ellison

      Janie, I have two Mary Grizzards, one was a Grizzard and the other married a
      Grizzard. It looks more like the Mary that married Thomas Grizzard as they
      had a female child with the initals of P.A. and Thomas died in the Civil War
      on 08 May 1862 in Camp Magnum, NC. She would have been a Grizzard but only by
      marriage. I believe this Mary to be Mary Baker.because in the 1860 Census
      they had a Mary Baker age 62 living in the household with them. This is just
      a hunch no prove.

      Here is the Census entries:

      Greene Co. 1850
      Jesse Grizzard B. 1796
      Elizabeth Grizzard B. 1796
      Luis 1825
      Caty 1827
      Nancy 1828
      Jesse 1829
      Thomas 1832
      Allen (my ancestor) 1833
      Elizabeth 1835
      Mary Ann 1837
      Lucy 1843

      Pitt Co. 1860 ( I believe same people)
      Jesse Grizzard 1786
      Lucy Grizzard 1839
      Mary A. Baker 1836
      Jesse Baker 1856

      Next door was the son Thomas:
      Thomas Grizzard 1832
      Mary Grizzard 1839
      P.A. Female Born 1859
      Mary Baker 1798 occupation washerwoman

      I hope this helps you!
      Betty Reason
      Edgecombe Genealogical Society
      Surnames: Baker, Grizzard, Hobbs, Webb, Pittman, Walston, Harrell
      Surnames: Reason, Cook, Mooring, Teachey, Carraway.

      Their seed shall remain forever and their glory shall not be blotted out.
      Their bodies may be buried in peace, but their names liveth forevermore.

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