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7804VA Muster Roll Extracts

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  • BJMarkland@aol.com
    Jun 23, 2002
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      I have added portions of the VA Rev. War muster rolls to the site. The
      additions are all from the 1st VA Regiment, Capt. Pelham's Company, and start
      in 1777 till 2/79. There are more, I just haven't gotten them yet. Due to
      the several months of muster rolls from this company, there are many
      duplications of names as men were sick or on furlough for consectitive muster
      periods. To avoid anyone trekking to the site unnecessarily, the names
      extracted so far follows this message.

      The condition of the original rolls from which the microfilm was made was
      poor so far, with the writing extremely faded in most cases. Therefore, what
      you see is what I think I saw <grin> and was directly off the film.

      The site URL is:


      with a link directly off the main index page. I will be adding more as time
      And as usual, feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be

      Best of wishes,


      Surname Given

      Armstead Samuel
      Bailey Thomas
      Bates Thomas
      Boardway, John
      Broadway John
      Brooks Nathaniel
      Brown Robert
      Bybie Pleasant
      Carter John
      Challiss Robert
      Chewley Joseph
      Clarke Turner
      Clarke William
      Clewley Joseph
      Doherty John
      Estes Elisha
      Estes James
      Gibbs William
      Grant John
      Haye Alexander
      Hogg John
      Hogg W.
      Hood John
      Huckinson Thomas
      Ince John
      Johnson [Mance?]
      Kelly John
      Kineree William
      Lewis Gabriel
      Lister Benjamin
      Lister John
      Mennis Benjamin
      Minnis Benjamin
      Patman/Polman Watson
      Poor John
      Powell Jr. Thomas
      Powell Sr. Thomas
      Pruet/Pruit Jordan [TN: See Trewitt, Jordan]
      Redford William
      Robertson Colin
      Salmon Reuben
      Scott Abraham
      Seally William
      Simpson Joshua
      Smith Ball
      Smith John
      Spence Francis
      Terril Jonathan
      Thompkins James
      Tompkins James
      Trewitt Jordin [sic] [TN: see Pruit/Pruet, Jordan]
      Walker Shadrach
      Walker Thomas
      Wallace Joseph
      Watkins William
      White William
      Willson Ephraim
      Wingo William
      Wood John
      Wrenn William