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  • Jewelle Baker
    Jul 1, 2001
      At 02:27 AM 7/1/01 -0400, you wrote:
      I cannot get onto Yahoo to get to our site.  It states that I am not a
      member.  I feel sure you added my name to the list, but for some reason it
      can't find me.  I have tried the wizard and it keeps saying it does not know
      me.  How is my name listed there so I will know how to sign it.  There must
      be something I am missing.
      Linda Melvin

      ps:  I hope things are going better for you and your family.

      Thanks Linda...
               The situation here is a little better ..  my grandson is out of the hospital and recovering .... my Aunt (she's my responsibility) is still critical.  appreciate everyone's private mail until better contacted.  :)

               Linda... you are listed as you have been since 1998.  When we first started our Group, many of us did NOT register with eGroups as it was not a prerequisite.  Any of our offered features could be easily accessed.
                              ................now, since the merger, YahooGroups requires an Yahoo ID to access any feature other than using email thru our Group and accessing our Archives.

               Link to this URL and follow directions.  Tell them you have no password and they will email you one.   If you (or anyone else) have more difficulty... please email me privately and I'll get it done for you.    It really SHOULD NOT be this difficult...  Yahoo needs to make the steps easier!

      Hope this helps!

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